Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lots of Giving in the News

Link to Golfweek Story of Kim's Win

In-Kyung Kim won Lorena Ochoa's tournament in Guadalajara this past weekend.  She got a check for $220,00 and promptly donated half of it to Lorena's foundation that helps kids.  That alone would be a cause for a pause, but she then promised the other half of the winnings to a charity to be named in the U.S.  In the article, she remembered the help that she received when she was 16.  That help, from an unnamed man, helped her achieve her goals in the U.S.

I love it when pros "get it" and think of others.  She understands that her journey was made possible only through help from others and she is now becoming a benefactor to young people with hopes and dreams, just as she had at one time.  For every pro athlete who is running around on a spouse, getting a D.U.I, or treating someone poorly, I hope there are ten who are doing good things like this.  I think the media likes the negative stories a bit more than these stories of generosity though. 

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