Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Practice for Golf Focus

The Vail Golf Club is one of my favorite courses and I can clearly visualize each hole.
1.      Play your favorite course on the driving range.  Picture the holes, the shots you need to hit and then play the shot as though you are there.  Have the mental discipline to play each shot with focus and realism.  Don’t allow mechanics to creep into your play even though you are on the range.  Use your routine, definite targets and realistic lies.  What kind of ball striking day did you have?  Now use the rest of your range time to work on anything that wasn’t great during the round. 
2.      From the middle of the pitching green, walk off 25 yards.  Put 12 balls down and hit one shot to each flag.  Your goal is to get each shot within 5 feet. Keep track and see if you can get 25% within your target area.  As you move away, expand the target area.  Next time you do the drill, try for a higher % of shots within your circle.  Continue to 75 yards.  Change clubs when needed.  This is a tough challenge and you will need great focus to finish from each yardage.
3.      On the practice green, chip with your sand wedge, wedge and 9 until you chip in with each club.
4.      Play 18 holes on the practice green, always putting to the nearest hole, but never putting back to the hole you just came from.  Go deep!  Your goal should be 3 or 4 under par!
5.      End your day by doing the 20/20 focus drill.  Make 10 from 3 feet, 5 from 4 feet, 3 from 5 feet and 2 from 6 feet.  You must make 20 in a row.  Go through your routine on each putt and pay attention to your focus level.  Commit to the highest level of focus or don’t pull the trigger.
EyeLine Golf Target Circle (6-Feet)

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