Friday, June 24, 2011

A Scorer's Practice

4 hour practice- All About Scoring!
Are you excited about getting the ball in the hole?

1.       Play 9 holes and play match play against the course.  If you birdie, you win the hole.  If you par, you push.  Anything more and you lose the hole.    Other options are to drop an extra ball on every hole from a distance you need work.  You can also play par 3’s from the tips, play par 4’s from the 150 marker and play par 5’s play from the 100 marker.  Keep score and see if you can break 27!
When you come in off the course, stay in the short game area and play one ball up and down games.  If you can find someone to play with you it will be more fun!
2.       In the bunker, get the ball up and down 10 times.  You get 20 tries to get it done.  If you don’t get 10/20, start over and do it until you get it.  Vary the length of your shots and the lies.  Give yourself a lot of different looks and realistic shots. Remember, one ball, so you will be doing a lot of walking, but this is realistic and the best practice you can get.

  3.       Take two sleeves of balls and chip to six different holes on the practice green.  Get at least four of the balls up and down.  You may use different clubs to hit the shots.  Stay with it until you accomplish it. 
  4.       Lag Putting Challenge:  Use the two sleeves of balls again and put a tee down in the middle of the green.  Putt to six holes from the tee.  You must get each ball within two feet of the hole to finish.  Challenge yourself by picking holes that are far away.  To make it tougher, get the ball within 1 foot of the hole.  You can finish the challenge by putting out if you want to.

      I put a link to my favorite book about scoring, Raymond Floyd's Elements of Scoring.  It is one of the few golf books I have found that is written for good    players, not beginners.  Here is a quote from Raymond that I love:  “I am a good putter. I know it and I believe it. If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t be a good putter. Every scorer should feel this way. Although putting certainly requires some talent, the mechanical demands are minimal. I honestly believe that with a strong mind, you can literally will the ball into the hole.” Raymond Floyd

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