Sunday, July 17, 2011

Four Hour Golf Practice

4 hour practice – Get it in the hole! 
  • Play 9 holes and do the following:  
    • On par 4’s, divide the yardage into 2 and hit both your tee and your approach shots with the same club.  Ie. If the hole is 375, hit your 185 yard club twice.  Think about position and target selection.  
    • On par 5’s, work to get yourself on the 100 yard marker for your third shot.  How close can you get to the 100 yard marker?  
    • On par 3’s, hit the club you would hit from the tee, then hit one more club and take a little off the shot.  If you want to really challenge yourself, hit one less club and see if you can get it to the hole.  

  • When you come in from the course, go to the range and work on hitting each iron in your bag fully and then taking 5 yards off of the shot and hitting it.  Does it make it easier when you change your trajectory?  What does gripping down on the club do for the distance?
  • Go to a practice green and chip with your sand wedge to each hole on the green or put tees in the ground and then putt out.  If you didn’t get more than ½ up and down, do it again with that club. Do the same with your wedge, 9 and 8 irons. 
  • Put towels down on the pitching green on the front edge, in the middle and on the back edge.  Hit bunker shots from a good lie until you land two balls on each towel.  Now hit from the following lies until you land one ball on the towel from each lie.  Uphill lie, downhill lie, fried egg lie, ball above your feet and ball below your feet.  End your bunker session by hitting from a good lie and getting one ball to land on each towel.
  • Find someone to play 18 holes of match play against on the putting green.  Win!
  • End your session by making 20 putts in a row from 4 feet. 

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