Thursday, September 1, 2011

SMU Putting Drills and Games from Week 2

Today's blog is a posting of putting drills from our practice schedule this week.   The work ethic of our team has been tremendous, as well as the focus at practice.  It certainly doesn't hurt that we have the absolutely best short game area in the country at Dallas Athletic Club.  The structure of practice will let up a bit as the season goes on and I see the kind of statistics I want to see from everyone up and down the lineup.  So far, we have had a lot of fun at practice and the variety has been good, even though the focus is mainly on short game right now.

This may be a college practice, but hopefully, you can incorporate some of these challenges, drills and games into your practice to help you improve your short game and putting.  I just got a note from one of my "old" players, Stacy, who has been doing the putting drills and improving her putting a lot.  Great to hear from her!  Deb B., who is getting ready for the US Senior Am, has also been doing the putting drills she finds here and has also seen improvement.  Good luck to her in Chattanooga!  Roll the Rock Deb!

SMU Mustang Golf
PS #2 Fall ‘11

Putting- no more than 15 minutes per challenge.  
Challenge 1: 10 Putt Drill -3 from 3 ft., 3 from 4 ft., 3 from 5 ft., and one from 6 feet.
Challenge 2:  Make 20 putts in a row from 5 feet.  You must go through your full routine on each putt.
Challenge 3:  Putt from 25, 30, 35 and 40 feet until you get 3 balls to stop within a putterhead of the string on the green.  Go through your routine.  Don’t worry about aim, only distance control.
Challenge 4:  Play draw back with one of your teammates.  9 holes stroke play.  If your first putt is within a handle length of the hole, you can putt it.  If it is outside that distance, you must draw the ball back a putter length.  Loser must do 3 “I am not worthys” on the side of the green.ole.

Taylor and Elena playing a putting game at DAC.

Putting - no more than 15 minutes per challenge.  
Challenge 1:  10 Putt Drill -3 from 3 ft., 3 from 4 ft., 3 from 5 ft., and one from 6 feet.
Challenge 2:  Mustang Drill - Put 5 tees down around the hole at 10 feet for each tee.  Putt from each tee.  When you make a putt, move the tee back one putter length.  When you have moved a tee twice, pick it up when you make the 3rd putt.
Challenge 3:  Find a teammate to play against.  Pick putts at least 20 feet long and you both putt two balls.  Pick up your best putt and putt your worst.  Match play for 18 holes.  Loser has to do the pony around the green.
Challenge 4:  Find a hole with slope.  Play around the world from 4, 5, and 6 feet.  Put 5 tees in around the hole at the designated lengths.  Make 5 around the world and then come back.  If you go around and back, move to the next length.  

Here is a great quote.  It is perfect to think about on those days you don't feel like putting.

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”
George Bernard Shaw

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