Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Golf Practice Prior to a Tournament Round

Today's blog is a recent SMU Women's Golf practice schedule.  We had five challenges each day and these were used for our tournament preparation. 

It is important to understand the type of practice you are doing and have a plan for your practice.  There is a time for all types of practice.  There is mechanical practice when you are working on specific things in your swing.  Mechanical practice is how many people practice all of the time, which makes it tough to go to the golf course and play without mechanical thoughts.  There is a time to work on your swing, but not prior to a round or a tournament.  Mechanical practice is usually followed by repetitive practice.  Repetitive practice is what we all do to learn a skill and your focus should remain on your movements and motion.  There is feel practice when you are letting your eyes talk to your hands without the thoughts of how it is done.  The last type of practice is competitive practice when you are focused on scoring and using only one ball.  It can be done with others or with goals as a guide.  One ball practice is as close as you can get to the real thing, playing golf.  As we near tournament play, we work mainly on competitive and feel practice as evidenced in the following challenges.  We also work on routine and focus more as we near tournament play.

Enjoy the practice.  These challenges should keep you fully engaged and sharpen your game.  Follow directions closely, such as "no do-overs"! 

The theme is “take care of business”!
1.  Lag putting - Putt to the string from 25, 30, 35 and 40 feet until you get 5 balls within a putter head of the string. 
2.  On a practice hole, go to your full PW distance and hit 25 balls.  If you miss the green, add five balls to the pile.  If you hit the ball within a club length, take 2 balls off the pile.  Stay until you have no balls in front of you.  Now do the same from full SW distance.  Fix all your ball marks.   3.  Get 10 bunker shots up and down.  Use one ball.  Go through your routine.  Finish out all shots.  
4.  Chip against a teammate.  Use one ball and play to 10.  You get a point when you make an up and down and your teammate doesn’t.  Winner gets honors and choice of shot.  Finish everything out!
5.  Choose five clubs in your bag and on the range, hit five shots with each.  1. Hook it  2. Slice it  3.  Hit it high  4.  Hit it low  5.  Hit it straight  No do-overs.  When you are finished, you can go back and do five more shots with a club if you want to.  Spend the time to visualize the shot prior to hitting it.

Thursday - Today’s theme is to prepare for competition with “one-ball” practice and routine work.
1.  Get one ball up and down ten times first using your SW and putter and then using your 9 iron and putter.  Drop the ball and don’t nudge it.  Finish everything out.  Use your routine.  
2.  Play a putting game with a teammate.  9 holes of match play.  Pick long lags.  Talk smack!
3.  Play Around the World from 5 points from 4, 5, and 6 feet.  You have to make 10 in a row going around the circle before you can move to the next distance.
4.  Hit each club in your bag until you hit 3 great shots with each.  Aim at a target for both distance and direction.  You are the judge.  When you hit a great shot, celebrate!  Use your routine and focus!
5.  On a practice hole, hit wedges from 50 yards until you get 10 balls to come to rest within 10 feet.  Now do the same from 75 yards.

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