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SMU Golf Practice Schedule #1 Spring 2012

SMU Mustang Golf
P.S. #1 Spring 2012

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Jan. 28 – Qualifying #1 – Gold Course DAC 1:05 –Felicia and Elizabeth, 1:12 –Taylor, Jen, and Claire, 1:20 – Caitlin, Mel and Elena

Jan. 29 – Qualifying #2 – Blue Course DAC 1:05 – Caitlin and Taylor, 1:12 – Elizabeth, Elena and Claire, 1:20 – Felicia, Mel and Jen

Jan. 30 – Day Off
Jan. 31 – 6:00 AM – Team Workout
7:00 AM – Team Meeting: Compliance, Goal Sharing and Focus

3:00 PM -5:00 PM – Team Practice
Today’s Goals:  1.   Hit punch shots from the positions set up.  Learn to control trajectory, judge roll and control distance. 
2.  Bunker practice – distance control.  From the big bunker that is in the short game area, land one ball in each grid going out and coming back.  When you do it successfully you are finished.  Work on it for only 20 minutes total.
3.  Chipping – Chip in once with three different clubs.  You may use only three balls.  Move around!
4.  Putting – Daily Do It – 5 in a row from 3 feet, 4 in a row from 4 feet, 3 in a row from 5 feet, 2 in a row from 6 feet and finish with making one from 10 feet.  If you do it start to finish, you just made 15 putts in a row.  Do this for 20 minutes.  Let us know how you do.
5.  On the range with a partner, play par 3’s with each club in your bag.  You get one shot at the green you describe to your partner.  Tee it up, go through your routine, focus!  After your one try, your partner plays the par 3.  Switch back and forth.  Describe it in detail and pick a target (green) that fits the distance you want to hit it.
Please spend the rest of your time on lag putts, pitching and focus!

February 1 – 2:00 – Team Practice – Play at Lakewood.  You have three tee times starting at 2.  Playing a two person alternate shot tournament.  Please play as many holes as possible.  Alternate balls after each shot.  You will never hit your own shot.  The winner will be the team with the lowest score on the holes that everyone finishes.  Good luck!

February 2 – 6:00 AM – Team Workout, Practice OYO

February 3 – Qualifying #3.  Tee times and pairings tbd.
February 4 – Qualifying #4.  Tee times and pairings tbd.
February 5 – Day off
February 6 – OYO at Haney’s Range

“You can’t outperform your self image.” Dennis Connor

February 7 – 6:00 AM - Team Workout
3:00-5:30 PM – Team Practice
            Today’s goals:  1.  Distance control and learning to sync your swing.  Use each club in your bag and get one shot to stop on each of the three practice greens on the driving range.  If you can’t get a shot to the green with your shorter clubs, don’t use them.  Do it with a partner and have some fun with it.  Does shaping the shot or controlling your trajectory make it easier or harder?
2.  Find two holes on the practice green that are 15-20 feet apart.  Put a tee 12” behind the cup.  Goal:  Get 10 in a row to either go in or end within 12” of the cup.  Spend up to 20 minutes on this.  If you are successful, move to a longer putt.
3.  Long Lags – This game can be played by a crowd and the more the merrier.  Find a long putt.  The farthest from the hole after the first putt loses a point.  Anyone who 3 putts it loses a point.  The closest to the hole wins a point.  Anyone who aces it makes 2 points.  The first person to 10 points wins.  If you get negative 10 you are kicked out of the game.  This would be a great game for the big green by the pro shop.
4.  Play H.O.R.S.E. on the range.  Call your shot and if your opponent doesn’t pull it off, she gets an H.  You are the judge of the shots you call.  Winner calls the next shot.
5.  Play an up and down game with one or more teammates.  Use one ball, two clubs and a putter.  Winner calls the shot.  Up and down wins the point.  If two tie, no point.  First to 10 wins.  Find tough shots!  Drop the ball.

February 8 – Play day.  Place and tee times tbd.
February 9 – 3:00 -6:00 Team Practice at DAC
Play 9 holes in a twosome today.  If no one is behind you, choose your go yardage from inside 100 yards and drop a ball at that distance and play it along with your original ball.  Par for your second ball is 2.5.  In nine holes, if you shoot 22, you are under par and 23 or higher you are over par. 

February 10 – Meet at Moody at 12:45 PM for trip to Puerto Rico.  Team at home needs to get 3 competitive rounds in with teammates prior to Feb. 15.  Keep stats.

Are you getting outplayed?  Maybe it is because you are getting outworked.

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