Friday, February 24, 2012

On Course Mental Game Practice

Here are two practices you can do on the golf course.  The first focuses on your pre shot routine to make sure that you are planning, committing to the shot, visualizing what you want and hitting the shot without interference.  The second is about dealing with adversity.  You can expect to have bad lies, so there will be no reason to be upset.  You will also get a lesson in course management and hitting to the biggest target possible in the second practice.  Being close to trouble will put you into trouble.  Enjoy!

Play nine with a teammate.  Call your shot prior to hitting it.  Call it as you see it!  Paint the picture.  After you hit the shot, report to your teammate if you did a good job of being in the play box.  The play box is where you see it, feel it, hit it without thinking of mechanics, what you don’t want or results.  Also, talk to your teammate prior to playing your round about how you will act.  If you react to a shot in a negative manner, your teammate can ask you for 5 up and downs on the spot!  Have some fun!

Play nine with a teammate.  You are allowed to move her ball one club length any direction.  She has to hit it from wherever you put it.  If she is within a club length of the water, toss it in.  It can go behind trees, into divots, in bunkers, anywhere you want to put it.  Keep score and turn it in when you finish. 
Have a good weekend off!  Make sure you hit the books!

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