Friday, February 17, 2012

Short Game Practice for February

SMU Women's Golf
This is a 2 hour to 2 1/2 hour short game practice.  It is a good one to do with a tournament coming up!

Up and Downs 
Use one ball and attempt to get it up and down 25 times.  When you are finished, multiply your success rate by 4 and you will know your up and down percentage.   
  • Please drop the ball, use your pre shot routine and verbalize where you will land the shot.  If you are working with a teammate, challenge each other with tough lies.  You can work out of a bunker, hit pitches and chips.  Make sure you short side yourself on some of the shots and see if you notice a difference in your success rate. 
Putting – 
Make 20 putts in a row.  5 from 3 feet, 5 from 4 feet, 5 from 5 feet, 5 from 6 feet.    
  •  Use one ball.  Go through your routine.  You can start at any distance.
Play 18 holes of match play on the green.  

Lag Putts – Lay a club down 2 feet past the hole.  Putt 3 balls from 25, 35 and 45 feet until you either make 3 or get 3 past the hole but within the 2 feet mark.  

Hit from a great lie, a semi buried lie, an uphill lie, a downhill lie, a ball above feet and a ball below feet lie, and finish with a good lie.  From each situation get 3 balls within a club length of your hole.  From the good lies, get 5 balls within a club length of your holes.  If you did this drill perfectly, it would take you 25 shots. 

Find your “go” distance with each of these clubs: sw and gap or lob.  Hit until you get 5 balls within a club length of your goal hole.  Now go ten yards closer and do the same.  Did you change your swing length, tempo or grip down?  Learn how varying your trajectory will adjust your distances. 

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