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SMU Women's Golf Practice Schedule March 26, 2012

SMU Women's Golf Practice Schedule
Week of 3/26/12

Here are the areas we need to focus on to prepare for upcoming competitions. These are based on stats and observances by Dave and me.
Putting Speed on both long lags and short putts.
Green reading
Bunker Play, both greenside and fairway bunkers
Wedge play - all distances. Learn to land the ball at the distance you choose.
Iron Play - We need to learn to control spin better to score lower in the wind.
Choosing the right club off the tee. Driver isn't always the answer!

Please keep these things in mind as you go through your week and see if you can touch on all of them daily. I will give you some tasks to help you on a few of the days.
Tuesday - Today is a structured practice. You will have six 20 minute tasks. After 2 hours, you may work on whatever you choose.
1. On the big, front putting green, pick out a 40-50 ft. putt. Use 5 balls. On the first two balls, hit the putts while watching the hole. On the second two balls, hit the putts with your eyes closed. With the last ball, go through your usual routine. Did this process allow you to think of where the hole was? Is that different than how you usually think? Are you thinking about your stroke or how hard you need to hit it usually? Did your swing feel free with any of the methods? Repeat this process four or five times and see what you learn.
2. Now, using what you learned, play 9 holes with putts that are at least 30 feet long. Your goal is to hit each putt at the correct speed. There is one speed called for with each putt you face and that speed will have the ball stopping within about a foot of the cup.
3. Put tees down at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 20 feet. Hit five balls from each tee. Your goal is to make the putt. If you don't make it, was your ball within 6" to 12" of the hole? If not, you need to repeat that distance. If you want to make this challenging, put your tees around a hole that is cut on a slope. Focus!
4. In the fairway bunker in the practice area, put a ball close to the lip and hit it out starting with your wedge. Keep using less loft and figure out what is possible. Now move it back 2 feet and do the same thing. Figure out how quickly you can get a ball up and out with each club in your bag. How far back must you go with a hybrid? With your 5 iron? etc.
5. Put a towel on one of the practice greens. Walk 20 paces from the towel. Hit wedges until you land 5 on the towel. Now do the same from 30, 40 and 50 paces. This is a great drill and you can do it later in the week from longer distance. Dial those wedges in!
6. On the range, hit your 5, 6, and 7 iron with the 9 ball flights. High fade, medium or regular fade, low fade, high straight shot, regular straight and low straight shot, high draw, regular draw and low draw. If you need help producing any of the shots, please ask for help.

Go play nine. Play the front tees. You are not allowed to hit driver off the tee today. Winner is the player with the most birdies!

OYO Day. If you want individual help, please schedule it.

1 hour of structured practice + 9 holes. Play the tips and it will be a great short game test. Winner will be low score and highest up and down percentage!
1. Drop 5 balls in the middle of the big green in front of the pro shop. Putt each to a different hole. If you get all either in the hole or within a foot of the hole, you are finished with the drill. Do this until finished or for 30 minutes. Keep changing the mid point.
2. Make 25 in a row from 4 feet today. Set up 5 tees around the hole and move after each putt.
3. Play a competitive chipping game with a teammate. Pick tough chips, tight lies and finish out the shots. Feel free to talk some smack!
Work on each for a max of 30 minutes.

Saturday and Sunday off

Next Monday, we will have a volunteer opportunity. More details will be announced tomorrow.

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