Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two Days of Practice Goals

 Here are a few days of practice goals.  We are focusing on our short game, our ability to focus on a pre shot routine and the execution of the shot and putting.  For that reason, routine is often mentioned, as is how you act prior to and following a shot.  There is some pressure involved in most of these goals, including the need to chip in, making consecutive shots, rating your shots from 1-10 and keeping track of your successes.  Enjoy and have fun out there!

The best part of college golf are the friendships and the fun you have with your teammates! 

Practice Goals:
1.  Hit lag putts from 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 feet.  There should be six tees in the ground and you can only putt once from each tee.  You are successful when you get all six putts to get within 2 feet on any side of the hole.  You must go six for six on a try to be successful.
2.  Play 9 holes of your favorite course on the driving range.  Visualize the hole, your shot and verbalize the result.  Work on being completely focused and attached on your shot.  Have both a great pre shot and post shot routine. Decide how you will act and practice it!
3.  Make 5 putts from 3 feet, 5 putts from 4 feet, 4 putts from 5 feet, 3 putts from 6 feet and 2 putts from 7 feet and 1 putt from 8 feet in a row.  This is 20 in a row!
4.  Chip with a wedge and your nine iron until you chip in once with both.
5.  On the range, choose fairway wide targets.  Hit a draw that starts on the right target and moves to the middle.  Hit a cut that starts on the left side and moves to the middle.  Hit a straight shot that ends in the middle.  Do these until you can accomplish the shot you planned.  Ask for help if needed.  Lefties, turn this around.

Practice Goals:
1.  Start with your driver and hit it one time using your pre shot routine, attaching to a target in both distance and direction and when finished rate the shot on a scale of 1-10.  Hit each club in your bag.  Add your 13 ratings and give Coach or Dave your total.  Can you score over 100 for your 13 shots?  If you didn’t like your score, go through your set one more time.  No Do Overs!
2.  Get 10 up and downs out of the bunker.  You may use only one ball and must go through your routine for all shots.  How many attempts did it take to get 10?
3.  Make 50 putts in a row from 4 feet.  Don’t make footprints.
4.  Play a chipping game with a teammate.  You get a point for an up and down.  If you both get it up and down, no points won.  If you take four to get it up and down you lose a point.  Putt everything out.  Play to 5!
5.  Count 25 balls and put them in a pile.  Go to your full pitching wedge distance and hit to the hole.  If you get the ball within 10 feet, take two off the pile.  If you miss the green, add 3 to the pile.  Focus and go through your routine. 

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