Monday, April 9, 2012

Feherty on Tiger

I transcribed this answer that David Feherty gave to Williams and Kusilias on the Morning Drive on Monday, April 9th. This man is wise and while this was commentary about Tiger, I think we could all use it as food for thought.

Kusilias: "What did you see with Tiger and what are your impressions leaving Augusta National?"

Feherty: "Um, you know, you know me, I'm the biggest Tiger fan in the universe. I've been there for I don't know how many of his major wins and how many wins in total and I've seen him do things that no other human being thats played the game has even thought about doing.

I would just love to see him toss everything that he has, um you know, all his toys out of the cot, all the teachers, all the gurus, whatever, and just go and know.... He's making the classic addict's mistake and I know about being an addict, and that is confusing fun and happiness. Thinking that they are the same thing. They're not. They are entirely different.

He's just not, you know, having any fun on the golf course and that, you know, is making him unhappy. Um, you know, he thinks he has to win in order to be happy. No you don't. You have to go out and have fun and see what happens after that.

Even at Bay Hill it sorta concerned me a little, just you know, his body language and all the rest of it. The Tavistock Cup he looked the best I've seen him in years. I talked to him and he seemed genuinely happy. Um, its just a matter of getting your priorities right. You know you've got to go out and play. Sometimes you just have to be a little boy and go out and play. Its too much work for Tiger at the minute. You know its all work, no play."

I love Feherty. He is honest and he deeply cares about the guys he covers. He can see their mistakes for the mistakes he has made and we can all learn from his take on things. Thanks for being one of the true great commentators in the media today David!

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