Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Putters and Wedges - Practice for the Important Tools in the Bag

As I have told you in the past, Tuesdays are our day with a lot of structure.  We start the week off by focusing on what we need to do to lower our scores.  Here is today's practice schedule.  We are working on making putts today.  Last week, we spent a lot of time hitting long lags.  While that is a good way to learn to control the pace of your putts, it is equally important to control the speed of shorter putts also.  If you want to be great at reading greens, one of the first steps is to be great at controlling the speed of any length of putt that you face.  Every putt you read will react differently to varying speeds. This practice is about making putts, not simply lagging them close to the hole.

We are also spending a lot of time with our wedges.  As we near post-season, we want to be able to score on short holes, par 5's, after punching out of trouble and whenever we miss the green.  Everyone is able to score on days when you are hitting it well and hitting fairways and greens.  However, on days when you just don't have it, your wedges and your putter will be your best friends.  The key to winning championships is making sure you can score on any kind of day!

Finally, we are continuing to improve on our routine, commitment and focus as we execute shots.  Today, we are working on accountability in those areas by talking about what we want to do prior to doing it and then rating our effort following the shot.  This is a good two hour practice for you and if you focus well for the whole time, you will improve skills that are important for scoring low!

SMU Women’s Golf

Tuesday – 

 Make putts from 5-15 feet using the following challenges.  Make sure you are focused on hitting your putts at the proper speed.

1.      Annika Drill – Put five tees down between 5 and 15 feet.  Putt from each tee until you make 3 of 5.  Find a hole with a lot of slope to add challenge.  

2.     30 Putt Drill – How Many Can You Make?  Put 10 tees down from 1-10 feet.  Start at the closest and putt from each tee, return from the farthest and then go to the end again.  If you make fewer than 22 putts, do it again.

3.     Mustang Drill – Put 5 tees around the hole at 10 feet.  When you make a putt, move the tee back a putter length.  Continue around the circle until you have drawn the putter back 2 times.  It will be a total of 15 made putts.  

4.       Play Horse with a partner.  Keep the putts within 20 feet.  Find big breaking short putts to make it fun! 

 Continue to dial in your wedges.

5.      Lay down a towel on the green and choose a full yardage for each of your wedges.  Land 5 balls on the towel before you finish with a club.

6.     Put 5 balls down 15 yards from the towel and see if you can pitch them all to land on the towel.  Move to 20 feet, then 25 and finish at 30.  Stay focused and match your trajectory to your idea for the shot.

7.      Play an up and down game with a teammate.   Play to 5.  You get a point when you get an up and down, but your opponent doesn’t tie you.  If you don’t want to finish out your shots, play to 10 and you get a point for the closest shot.  

Ball Striking
8.      Work on the driving range or play nine.  With a teammate or coach, talk through your routine and the shot you visualize.  After you hit the shot, rate your routine, commitment and trust on a scale of 1-10.

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