Friday, September 21, 2012

The Football!

I have had so many coaches and players ask me, "Hey Coach, what's up with the football?"

My golf teams spend some time every morning prior to play tossing a football around.  We listen to some fun music, laugh a little, get warm and loose and have some fun as a team.  Why?  We do it to start our day with a loose mindset.  We want to be free to play.  That is one of our touchstones as a team.  If we play with freedom, we play our best.  The football reminds us to have some fun and laugh a little.  We are so bad at throwing the football, we can easily laugh at ourselves, so that is a great lesson to take into the day.

Check out this video of the talented hurdler from Australia, Michelle Jenneke.

I LOVE this video.  She is loose, she is smiling and she is appreciative of the fans.  Those are emotions that will help her run a great race.  Her mindset for competition is to be loose.

At SMU, we know we have worked hard all week to prepare to play well.  When we get to the tournament, we prepare on the practice round day by learning the course and the greens.  Then, on tournament day, we let it all go!  We PLAY!  The football reminds us to do just that, play.  We start our day with play, smiles and laughter as a team and we take that mindset out to the golf course.


Liz Wells with the 2011-12 football in San Antonio.

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