Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The O's

Colin Cowherd just played a clip from Buck Showalter, in which he stated, "My job is to not screw these guys up."  He also talked about the O's success this year versus years past and his role in the year they are having.  Showalter is a smart guy.

Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post - Buck Showalter’s Baltimore Orioles have ignored the critics and remain a legitimate contender for the playoffs as the season enters its final month.

His quote reminded me of advice I used to receive from Dick Harmon.  He often tipped me off to great players he met overseas.  He would tell me about their talents and then he would add, "If you get her, don't screw her up."

Lots of people would be offended by that remark and I will admit, the first time I heard it, it scared me.  Then I started to figure out what he meant.  Your role as a coach isn't to control your players.  It isn't to change your players.  It isn't to make all of your players the same.  Your role as a coach is to bring out the very best in your players.  If a kid does things differently than her teammates or than anyone you have coached before, that doesn't make it wrong.  It makes her different and different is okay.  

I loved hearing Buck Showalter say it out loud that his job was to not screw these guys up.  We have a bit of momentum going into our first event of the year.  I like each player's focus and what they have identified as a need to help them compete at their best.  Our job as coaches is to not screw it up!  Here we go!

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