Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Goal Today

Can we, as a team, get the best of ourselves?  That is our goal for this tournament.  How can we accomplish it?  By using a lot of things that are heard so often, they have become cliches and discounted.  We will be in the moment, play with freedom and let go of thoughts that aren't needed, wanted or helpful.

Your thoughts are under your control.  When your mind races, its up to you to put on the brakes.  How can you do that?  By employing some simple tasks.  One is, keep track of your breathing.  Feel the breath go in and out.  See your belly puff and your chest rise.  Hear the sighs as it moves.  Another is to replace an unwanted thought with a different thought.  Can you take away the fear of the water and replace it by thinking of your Grandma or your dog or anything that gives you good feelings and calms you?  When you worry about your score, can you instead think about your trip to the beach?  Finally, connect with your senses.  Feel the wind on your face.  Smell the grass.  Taste the sweat on your lips.   Hear the birds chirping and singing.  See the colors of nature.  Get completely into it and let it absorb you.

Finally, when your thoughts are quiet, focus on the shot at hand.  See it in your mind.  Feel yourself hitting it deep in your gut.  Trust in your heart that you will hit it.  Hit it!

Briggs Ranch is a beautiful golf course and a great place to connect with nature.

All in all, your focus needs to happen from the time you start your pre shot routine until the time the ball is flying or rolling.  Your routine starts as you approach the shot.  If you are clear minded and your awareness is high, you will see all that is important to you.  You will feel the wind and the slope.  You will see your target.  Your eyes will remain soft and take in your surroundings.  You will calculate your yardage.  You will trust your gut with club choice.  You will aim with surety.  You will swing freely.

Play great today!

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