Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SMU Practice Schedule

There has been a lot of writing going on lately, but not much publishing.  Here is our practice schedule for the week, followed by a few days of mental and emotional game goals we are working on as a team.  The game goals will be published in the days to come.

P.S. Schedule
Week of Oct. 8

Monday –             Workouts at 3.  Pony Up!
Tuesday –          
Team make 100 3 footers in a row and then one on one time in short game area.

Wednesday-            18 at Lakewood.

During today’s round, keep track of your state of mind.  Put yourself in the zone.  If you feel pressing, find some looseness.  If you feel unfocused, snap back into the present.  Help each other if you see a difference in your teammate’s routine or try scale.  Ask them where their state of mind was. 

1.  Make 25 in a row from 4 feet.  When you have made 22 putts, stop, call your teammates over and then make your last three!
2.  Put a towel down on the green that is folded to be about a foot wide and square.  Now put 10 balls down at 10 paces from the towel off the green.  Land your balls on the towel with the total shot in mind.  In other words, put it in line with the shot needed to hole it and hit it the trajectory you picture.  Can you hit it?  Did you pick the right place to make the shot?  Now move back 10 paces and do it again.  Move all the way back to 50 paces from the towel.  When you hit shots around the green, are you getting yardage to the hole or to the landing point for your shots? 
3.  On the range, work with a partner and call the shots your partner hits.  Call the starting point, the spin or curve and the ending point.  Call the height.  Use your aiming sticks to force starting point.  Pick out fairways.  Make it a game!  Talk about changing your stance (open or closed) to start the ball in different directions.  Talk about ball position to change the height of the ball flight.  Talk about moving closer or further away and learning what that does to your ball flight.

Have a great practice!

Friday-            Play at least 9 holes at DAC with a teammate and practice what you need.

Saturday-        We leave at 3:00 from campus.


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