Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On Course Game - Backward Day

This is a tough, but fun game.  It is a good test of your fairway woods and hybrids, as well as your course management skills and short game.

Backward Day

Play your home course from your usual tees.  Think about your usual club into each green and use that club off the tee.  This will give you a long shot into the green. 

Is your 3 wood the best play for the hole?  If you can't quite get there, where will you have the best shot at getting the ball up and down? 

This game will put a lot of stress on your game and is a great one to work on your patience as well as the areas we talked about.

Photo Credit:  Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

One of the best long approach shots I have seen was Brittany Lincicome's on the 18th at the Dinah Shore in 2009.  She used a hybrid on the 210 yard shot to the island green. 

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