Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On Course Games - The Juggler

Today's game is a great one to use to sharpen your wedge play and your iron play.

The Juggler- How well can you keep three balls in the game? 

Ball #1 - From the tee box as usual.  You can pick a different set of tees each time you play.
Ball #2 - From the 150 yard marker or you can pick a distance with an iron you want to sharpen.
Ball #3 - From the 100 yard marker or you can pick a distance with a wedge you want to sharpen.

Here is how you score your game:
1 point for each green hit.  In an 18 hole round, a perfect score is 54.
2 points for each birdie.  Lots of opportunities!  If you make one per hole, you would have 36 points.
1 point for each par. 
-1 point for each bogey.
-2 for any score over bogey.  Oh Oh!

Make sure you drop the ball instead of placing it. 

You can also keep track of how close you got each shot.  Did the wind or slopes effect your club choice?  Did you go at the hole with your wedge or iron shot or did you play to a position?

Have fun!

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