Monday, January 21, 2013

Player Plan: CP

Goals Statement: "I want to make it to the NCAA Championship this year and come in the top 3."

Scoring Average:  77.17     Ranking:   504     Low Round: 75

Caitlin takes dead aim at the Johnie Imes in Columbia, MO

Strengths:  We have only six competitive rounds for a basis on Caitlin's stats, but they are similar to her qualifying stats, so we will use them.  Caitlin hits a lot of fairways.  She is ranked in the top 100 in converting birdies from within 15 feet.  She does a good job of rolling the ball where she is aimed. Intangibles:  Caitlin is very competitive and works very hard to achieve her goals. 

Needs to improve:  Caitlin needs to become a better putter to compete at the highest level.  She also needs to improve her short game stats.  Her par 5 average will come down as she becomes a better wedge player.

Based on her stats, a typical round for Caitlin looks like this:  She hits 9 or 10 greens.  She gets up and down about 4 times on the holes she missed the green.  On the greens she hits, she makes about 2 birdies per round and 3 putts once or twice per round. 

Coach's take:  The longer Caitlin is over the shot, on the hole or playing the tournament, the more the score goes up.  I'd like to see her quicken her pace in her decision making, pre-shot routine, and execution time.  Just as more time effects her shot making, it also effects her overall play.  The more time needed to score, the higher the pressure.  Her par 3 average is 168th in the country, her par 4 average is #451 and her par 5 average jumps to #1451 in the country.  The same can be seen in her scoring with 2 shots added to the final round average vs. the first round.  Caitlin needs to get her mind and her emotions fully into the present.  I think she is spending time problem solving on the course and working on correction instead of working on scoring. If you compare her par 5 average to the top 20 players in the country, she could gain 3 shots a round, which would drop her scoring average to 74. She has the same abilities to score as those players.

Caitlin is insistent that she needs to hit more greens to be successful and I will agree that it would help her scoring, but the 100th best in the country at green hits will have on average only 2-3 more hits per round (Kyung Kim), yet she is ranked 4th in scoring because her putting par is -.56 vs. Caitlin's, which is 3.67.  That is a difference of over 4 shots in scoring, all with the putter in hand.  The quickest way to improvement in scoring will be with the blade.

Drills to focus on this semester:
Putting - Lots of one ball drills.  Play match play against the putting green.  Compete against your teammates.  Give yourself 2-3 drills or challenges each and every day of practice and keep track of your progress.  Here are some ideas:
10 Putt Drill -3 from 3 ft., 3 from 4 ft., 3 from 5 ft., and one from 6 feet.
20 In a Row: Make 20 putts in a row from 5 feet.  You must go through your full routine on each putt.
String Drill:  Putt from 25, 30, 35 and 40 feet until you get 3 balls to stop within a putterhead of the string on the green.  Go through your routine.  Don’t worry about aim, only distance control.
Draw Back:  Play draw back with one of your teammates.  9 holes stroke play.  If your first putt is within a handle length of the hole, you can putt it.  If it is outside that distance, you must draw the ball back a putter length. 
Mustang Drill - Put 5 tees down around the hole at 10 feet for each tee.  Putt from each tee.  When you make a putt, move the tee back one putter length.  When you have moved a tee twice, pick it up when you make the 3rd putt.
Worst Ball:  Find a teammate to play against.  Pick putts at least 20 feet long and you both putt two balls.  Pick up your best putt and putt your worst.  Match play for 18 holes.  Loser has to do the pony around the green.
Around the World:  Find a hole with slope.  Play around the world from 4, 5, and 6 feet.  Put 5 tees in around the hole at the designated lengths.  Make 5 around the world and then come back.  If you go around and back, move to the next length.  
30 Putt Drill - Put 10 tees in the ground starting one foot away and going to 10 feet.  Putt starting at 1 foot and move back one tee until you get to 10, putt 2 from there and come back.  Finish by going back through the tees.  How many of the 30 did you make?  What is your all time best?

Chipping -Put 10 balls in a pile and choose a shot that is different each day.  If you make it, take 3 balls off the pile.  For every ball that is within 3 feet of the hole, you may take a ball out of the pile.  For every ball outside 6 feet, add a ball.  If you miss the hole short or low side add a ball to your pile.  Do it daily!
Bunker - your bunker challenges are the same as a few of your teammates, so grab one of them and compete with each other!
1.  Hit until you get 10 balls within a clublength of the hole.  When you are successful, pick a new hole and do the same.
2.  10 Shots Drill - Hit the following 10 bunker shots:
2 from good lies
1 from an upslope
1 from a downslope
1 with the ball above your feet
1 with the ball below your feet
1 in a fried egg lie
1 buried
2 from good lies
First goal:  Get all 10 out of the bunker.  Second goal:  Get all 10 on the green.  Third goal:  Get all 10 within 10 feet of the hole.  You may finish the shots out to see what your up and down % is for the 10 shots.

Pitching -  Work with one ball and get it up and down.  Go at least 15-30 yards from the green and choose your landing spot.  Can you hit it?  Does it create the shot you want?  Get 10 up and downs daily before you quit.

Wedges -  Hit wedges daily.  Use your laser and pick two or three distances on the range and hit to each consecutively.  Use your routine and focus on target.  Can you control your trajectory and landing point.  In the short game area, pick a shot every day and vary it.  Here are some examples, rough, downhill slope, sidehill lie, under the trees, and bare lies.  Get 10 up and down from the shot you chose.  On the course, throw an extra ball down and get some extra wedge play in if you aren't holding anyone up.  Play the red tees on par 3's, from 100 on par 4's and 50 yards on par 5's.  You can choose any distance you want!

Course Management:  Choose conservative targets and be aggressive to them.  Have a plan for qualifying based on the greens and hole locations.

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