Monday, January 21, 2013

Player Plan: EV

Goals Statement: "I want to win Regionals with the team next spring and go to Nationals.  And I want to have a lot of fun playing golf."

Scoring Average:  76.67     Ranking:   424     Low Round: 73

Elena working on wedges.

Strengths:  Elena takes a focused approach to her game.  She tackles her weaknesses with hard work and enjoys her time on the practice tee and on the golf course.  Her attitude is her greatest strength.  Elena is a good ball striker and hits a lot of fairways and shots close to the hole.  Intangibles: She has dogged determination and reaches the goals she sets for herself. 

Needs to improve:  Elena needs to make more putts.  If she spent 75% of her practice time within 50 yards of the hole, she will be on the right track.

Synopsis:  A typical round for Elena would be to hit 10 or 11 greens.  On those greens, she is tight about 1/3 of the time.  Elena has a lot of accuracy and not as much power as she would like, so when she is within reach with an iron, she stuffs it.  Of those tight shots, she makes about 1 or 2 putts out of ten tries. She also 3 putts about once per round.  When she misses a green, she gets it up and down 40% of the time.  That means that of the 8 greens she misses, she has bogies on 4 or 5 of them.  

Coach's take:  Elena has worked hard to get her swing on plane and increase her speed.  Now that it is good and we are again in season, she needs to shift her focus to getting the ball in the hole when on or around the green.  She started that shift over Christmas break and read Dave Stockton's latest book on putting.  To put that wisdom into use in her own game means she needs to let go of her mechanical thinking and begin to allow her game to flow.  Elena will also benefit from a playful attitude on the course.  Her natural personality is playful, focused and happy.  I would like to see those traits shine when she is playing golf.  Elena has shown me she can reach any goal she sets, so her goals need to reflect what she needs on the course; attitude, playfulness, flow and mindfulness.

Drills to focus on this semester:
Putting -  Lots and lots of one ball games and competitions with your teammates.  Fewer drills and time spent on mechanics.  Continue to work on matching speed to break.  Here are some things you can do:
1. Wanda Drill:
Use one ball and play 18 holes.  You must putt out each attempt, but not because we are keeping score.  Instead, we want to evaluate how many of your putts you gave a chance to go in.  If your putt ends in the hole, or past the front edge within 20" (two grip lengths) on the high side, you gave your putt a chance.  You get a point.  If you putt 36 times and 18 of those are makes, you are already at 50% for giving your ball a chance. 

If your ball ends in the hole or within the pink region, you get a point.  
Play match play against the practice green.  Choose putts that are 15-40 feet long and if you make it, you are 1 up, if you 2 putt, you are all square, if you 3 putt, you lost the hole.  Your goal should be to close out the practice green early!  Use one ball, go through your routine, see it, feel it, trust it.

Chipping -  Elena, lots and lots of one ball games.  Get the ball up and down at least 10 times a day.  Drop it, chip it, putt it.  Also, compete against your teammates.  Your technique is good, so no more working from a big pile of balls.  Instead, use creativity to see the shot and then match your picture and your shot to each other.

Bunker - You are among the team leaders from the bunker.  Make sure you keep it as a strength by working at it a few days a week minimum.  Do the 10 ball drill and keep track of your results.
10 Shots Drill - Hit the following 10 bunker shots:
2 from good lies
1 from an upslope
1 from a downslope
1 with the ball above your feet
1 with the ball below your feet
1 in a fried egg lie
1 buried
2 from good lies
First goal:  Get all 10 out of the bunker.  Second goal:  Get all 10 on the green.  Third goal:  Get all 10 within 10 feet of the hole.  You may finish the shots out to see what your up and down % is for the 10 shots.

Pitching -  See chipping! 

Wedges - The better you get with your wedges, the less pressure you will feel with your ball striking.  Get great at a few distances and good at all others.  Spend time daily on your wedges.  First goal should be to control distance.  Second goal is to control trajectory.  These two goals go together nicely. 
1.  Put a towel down and hit to it until you land 10 balls on the towel.  Make sure you laser your distance and own it.  Do it once or twice every time you practice. 
2.  When you are playing, drop an extra ball at a yardage.  25 yards on par 5's, 50 yards on par 4's and ladies tees on par 3's.  Can you shoot under par on those balls?
3.  Hit 20 balls from 50 yards.  Putt them out.  If you make 10 or more putts, you are finished for the day.  If not, do it one more time.  Choose a different distance and do it a few times per week.  

Ball Striking - If you need to continue to work on mechanics on the range, do so mindfully with your mechanical goal in mind.  Make sure you also spend time working to a target using your routine and visualization.  Also, spend time working on flow and tempo.  Here are some ways to do these things:
1.  Play your favorite golf course on the range.  Visualize the hole, choose the proper club, evaluate the shot and hit whatever shot you are faced with on that hole.  Pick up your bag, take time between shots, focus on targets.
2.  Do Dr. David Cook's practice drill.  You will get it when you see him on Feb. 1st. 

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