Monday, January 7, 2013

Player Plan for JP

Goals Statement:  "I want to win; to win tournaments; to win NCAA's."

Scoring Average:  74.73     Ranking:   167     Low Round:  67

Jennifer Park

Par 3 play. (Among the best in the nation).
Ball striking. (Among the best in the nation at hitting it tight).
Overall, does a lot of things well.  Intangibles include focus, work ethic, desire and coachable.

Needs to improve:
Par 4 and Par 5 scoring average.  (Short game and wedges)
Putting.  (good on g.i.r. but not as strong at converting good shots into birdies as she desires).
Mindset.  (needs to believe)

Synopsis: JP is a very good ball striker.  I would like to see her improve her g.i.r. to 13 or 14.  She stuffs a lot of shots (35% of her shots are within 15 ft.), but doesn't hit as many greens overall (62%) as she is capable.  This might point to the need to aim a bit more conservatively at times.  This strategy would probably also raise her short game % since she won't be short sided as often.
Based on her stats, a typical round for JP would be:  hit 11 greens with 4 of those shots tight, drop 2 birdie putts, 3 putt once, get up and down on 3 or 4 of the 7 missed greens, and make one mistake that costs her a double. 

JP averages 1.33 3 putts per round and a putting par of 2.33.  Her best round of the year included 11 1-putts and 0 3-putts.  Her worst round of the year included only 4 1-putts and 3 3-putts.  Jennifer needs consistency to tap into her scoring potential and to be among the best in the nation.

Coach's take:  JP is very skilled in every area of the game.  She tends to be hard on herself, using a model of perfection to compare herself after each shot.  If JP can learn to play the game without self-judgement, she will reach all of her goals.

Drills to focus on this semester:
Putting -
Great skills, but execution doesn't always equal ability.  Drills should be mainly one ball drills and drills that create pressure and game like conditions.  Here are some good ones:
1.  Play 18 holes on putting green using drawbacks.  If 1st putt is outside putter head of hole, draw it back a club length.  How many times can you shoot below 36 in a week?  No starting over!
2.  Make 25 in a row from 4 feet using routine.  How many tries does it take you?
3.  Compete with teammates as much as possible.
4.  Star Drill - Put five balls around the hole from 10-20 feet. Make three of five to successfully complete the drill.  Use your routine.
5.  Do the putting tests we set up:  Bunny drill to test aim, Crown drill to test short putts, 3's to test lags and Wanda Test to check on green reading.
Bottom line is, your preparation and skills need to lead to belief.  Learn to take the proper mindset to each putt and focus on what is needed.  Make sure you are rolling it to make it not to not miss it.

Chipping -
Need all chipping skills to sharpen up.
1.  Contact drills - Work on mechanics.  Control handle, shaft and club head equally.  Make sure tension is out of shoulders and arms, but grip is in firm control of the handle.  Make momentum your friend and take nice tempo to each shot.
2.  Hit your intermediate target.  Choose the right intermediate target.  Put tees in the ground where you want to land the ball and work to hit the tee.  You can change your club choice, swing length, or ball position to adjust to hitting tees.
3.  Learn to control spin.  Ball position and club choice is key.
4.  Work the ball to the hole.  Make sure you play your shots high enough.  Give it a chance.
5.  One ball work!  Use one ball and get it up and down.  Give yourself goals. ie.: 10 times a day every day.

Bunker -
Much the same as chipping, you need a bit of work on controlling the entire club to hit shots.  You need your swing to create momentum that equals the shot.
1.  Work on landing the ball where you want to land it.  Put intermediate targets on the green.
2.  Work on trajectory control.  Ball position, shaft control and swing length will all effect this.
3.  Hit a lot of shots and get comfortable with all lies and all shots.
4.  Use one ball and get it up and down.  #gamelike

Pitching -
Same as chipping.  Intermediate targets, tension control, create momentum and use one ball in practice.

Wedges -
1.  Hit 10 balls with each wedge with a 1/2 swing.  How small can you make the cluster of balls?  Measure the center of the cluster.

Learn how far each wedge goes with a full shot, a 3/4 shot and a half shot.  Learn which shots are your best so you have a GO TO yardage on the golf course.

Hit wedges every day.  Your putter and your wedges are your keys to winning!

Course Management -
I'd like to see JP take her course management to the next level with a stoplight model for hole locations.  When she plans for a round, this should be what the hole plans look like.  When she plays, she should consult her plans.

JP's bunker stats are low, so no green lights for holes tucked close to bunkers until it gets to at least 50%.
JP's par 3 scoring is under par, but not her par 5 scoring.  Needs to either improve wedge play and strategy on par 5's or lay back further to allow a full shot into par 5 greens.

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