Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Player Plan: KB

Goals Statement: I want to improve my game so I can consistently shoot in the 70's. 

Scoring Average:  85.33     Ranking:   Redshirted     Low Round: 79

Kim Beers on the tee at D.A.C.

As the season progressed, Kim saw improvements in her green hits, bounce backs and overall scoring.  She dropped her scoring average to 81 for her last five rounds. 

Needs to improve:  Kim's putting and short game need to improve for her to continue to lower her scoring.

Synopsis: A typical round for Kim would include about 5 fairway hits and 9 green hits.  The missed fairways lead to an average of two double bogies per round.  This is a loss of 3-4 strokes per round to her teammates.  On the 9 greens hit, she usually birdies one and 3 putts once or twice.  On the 9 greens missed, she gets only 2 or 3 up and down. 

Coach's take: Kim has her hands full in learning to play the game of golf at the highest level.  She has the talent, work ethic and fundamentals to get the job done.  She needs a lot of repetitions and a lot of competition.  She will have to work as hard or harder than those around her to get the repetitions needed on the range, the green, and the short game area.

Putting -
Around the world.  Putt 5 tees in from 4, 6, 8 and 10 feet on a hole with some slope.  Make 1 putt from each tee at 4 feet (five in a row) and move to 6 feet.  Focus and go through your routine.  Your goal is to make 20 in a row.  See how close to 20 you get each day.  You are only allowed to do this once per day, so focus and get it done.  Let me know when you get 20.
Teed Off - Put a tee in the ground as a target.  Now put tees in the ground at 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet away.  Putt to the target tee twice from each distance.  Each ball must either be stopped by the target tee or must end within one putter head of the tee.  It is very important for your distance control on short putts to be as good as it is on your long lags.  Short doesn't count.  The ball can be past the tee, to the right or left of it within a putter head, but short means you start over. 
Thirds Drill - Find a putt at least 30 feet long.  It would be best if it was a breaking putt.  Put a tee in the ground as a starting point.  Now, split the putt into thirds and put a tee in the ground at the point the ball will have to roll over at each third.  You will have a tee in the ground 20 feet from the hole and 10 feet from the hole.  Now, go putt from the tee at 10 feet until you make the putt at the speed you picture.  When successful, go to the tee at 20 feet and do the same thing.  Now when you get to the original putt, your goal is to get the ball rolling at the speed you needed from 10 and 20 feet.  Do this from any distance over 30 feet on uphill, sidehill and downhill putts.  Learn what works and focus on visualizing the roll of the ball into the hole.  Let me know if you like this drill.
Compete with your teammates. Play a lot of games and WIN!

Chipping -Need all chipping skills to sharpen up.
1.  Contact drills - Work on mechanics.  Control handle, shaft and club head equally.  Make sure tension is out of shoulders and arms, but grip is in firm control of the handle.  Make momentum your friend and take nice tempo to each shot.
2.  Hit your intermediate target.  Choose the right intermediate target.  Put tees in the ground where you want to land the ball and work to hit the tee.  You can change your club choice, swing length, or ball position to adjust to hitting tees.
3.  Learn to control spin.  Ball position and club choice is key.
4.  Work the ball to the hole.  Make sure you play your shots high enough.  Give it a chance.
5.  One ball work!  Use one ball and get it up and down.  Give yourself goals. ie.: 10 times a day every day.
This is the same as JP's chipping instruction, so grab each other and go work together to be great at each of these skills.

Bunker - This is a good drill for a lot of reps with focus.
Put 25 balls in the bunker.  Hit to two targets.  If you hole out, take 5 balls off of your pile.  If you put a shot within a club length, take 2 balls off of your pile.  If you leave a ball in the bunker, add 5 balls to your pile.  If you leave a ball more than 30 feet (10 paces) away from the hole, add 2 balls to the pile.  Hit until you have no balls in your pile. 

Pitching -  View this much the same as chipping.  Find drills that force you to choose the correct shot, the correct landing spot, and work the ball to the hole.  Pay attention to the details of the skills needed and then move into visualization, pre shot routine and execution with one ball.  Compete and get it up and down.

Wedges - Hit wedges daily, either on the range or in the short game area.  Focus on landing it on your target.  Control the trajectory.  Make the shots crisp.  Give yourself a goal of 10 shots per day that land on your target with the trajectory you picture.

Ball Striking -  Make sure you choose how you are working on your game each day.  If you are working on mechanics, be clear about what it is you're focused on and figure out how to get the proper feedback for that move.  If you are working on hitting targets, your tempo or pre shot routine, be aware of that goal and don't fall into the trap of then moving to mechanics.  Decide how and what you want from your practice.  You are progressing from needing repetitions and mechanics to learning to put it to use on the course. 

Remember to have fun along the way! 

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