Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Player Plan: MA

Goals Statement:"I want my game to go to the next level.  I want to make it into the lineup."

Scoring Average:  79.46     Ranking:   n/a     Low Round: 69

Mehar Atwal on the tee at DAC

Strengths:  Mehar showed improvement as the semester progressed.  Mehar hit a lot of fairways and greens and has good ball striking.  She is among the best on the team at hitting it inside 15 feet on her approaches.  She is also very good at converting those shots into birdies and makes a lot of short putts.

Needs to improve:  Mehar's putting falls off a great deal when she is outside 15 feet.  She averages over 2 putts per green in regulation and has a lot of 3 putts.  Her short game also needs improvement.  Finally, course management and decision making needs improvement as evidenced by the number of doubles in her first semester. Her stats show a tremendous amount of "short" shots on her approaches, which could be solved by simply taking more club.

Synopsis: A typical round based on stats for Mehar would be as follows:  Mehar hits about 9 fairways and 10 greens per round.  On the greens she misses, she gets about 3 up and down.  On the greens she hits, she makes 1 or 2 putts per round, most from inside 15 feet.  If she is outside 15 feet, she averages over 2 putts per green and adds 1 or 2 bogies per round with her putter.  She also averages more than 1 double bogey per round. 
Coach's take: Mehar brought a lot of talent and game to SMU.  She now needs to match that talent and game to an increased work ethic and a more focused approach to her golf.  If she chooses to work hard, she will see her scores drop and all parts of her game will be strong.  One of her stated goals for this semester is to "be more responsible" and that will be a key to her success as a golfer at SMU.  She came back from break with a great attitude in place and we will all work hard to help her maintain it and be responsible. She needs to play more golf and practice less.  Nine holes daily would be a good goal in addition to her qualifying and putting and short game practice.

Drills to focus on this semester:
Putting - Lots of lag practice and distance control work.
30 putt drill You can do it up to 3 times but no more!  Put tees in the ground every foot from one foot to ten feet.  Start at one foot and putt one putt from each tee.  When you get to ten feet, go back the other way and finish back out at 10 feet.
Cluster Drill - Putt a marked/colored ball across the green.  Now putt another as close as you can to the last ball.  Continue with 23 more balls.  Are the 25 balls on the green in a tight cluster?  Do they trail any direction?  Are they working toward you?  Think about your tendencies.  Do this on different days with uphill, downhill and sidehill putts. 
Putt from 20 to 40 feet until you make three.  Use one ball and your routine.
Putt to a hole from 20 feet until you make it.  You can use as many balls as you need, but you are not allowed to move balls out of your way.  This is a great visualization drill and it will also help you get the ball to the hole.  You might need to putt to hit a ball out of the way prior to going back to the goal.  Do this drill for 20 minutes tops.  If you are successful quickly, do it from 25 or 30 feet.  

Chipping - Play a lot of one ball games with your teammates and also spend time working on the skills needed to be a great chipper.  1.  Pick the shot 2. Land the ball on the spot you chose 3. Hit a solid chip 4. Control spin and roll

Bunker - This is one of your strengths, so play more one ball games than repetitive games and keep it as a strength going forward.
10 Shots Drill - Hit the following 10 bunker shots:
2 from good lies
1 from an upslope
1 from a downslope
1 with the ball above your feet
1 with the ball below your feet
1 in a fried egg lie
1 buried
2 from good lies
First goal:  Get all 10 out of the bunker.  Second goal:  Get all 10 on the green.  Third goal:  Get all 10 within 10 feet of the hole.  You may finish the shots out to see what your up and down % is for the 10 shots.

Pitching - You need a lot of repetition and work in both pitching and wedges.  Both areas of your game need a bit of technique work.  Please get with Dave and I to focus on your technique.

Wedges - I'd like to see you learn to control the length of your swing and begin to equate the swing length with the distance needed for the shot. 
1.  Hit 10 balls with each wedge with a 1/2 swing.  How small can you make the cluster of balls?  Measure the center of the cluster.

Learn how far each wedge goes with a full shot, a 3/4 shot and a half shot.  Learn which shots are your best so you have a GO TO yardage on the golf course.

Find one of the practice greens that isn’t busy.  Put 10 balls down 20 yards away from the hole, 30 yards away, 40 yards away, 50 yards away, and 60 yards away.  All 10 in each pile must land and hold the green.  5 of each pile should end within 10 feet of the hole.  2 of each pile should end within 6 feet of the hole.  This can take you 30 minutes.  Focus!  Go through your routine.  

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