Monday, January 21, 2013

Player Plan: MW

Goals Statement: 
I want to win, as a team, and celebrate my last semester with a trip to regionals and nationals.

Scoring Average:  73.83     Ranking:   86     Low Round:  65

Melanie on the tee at the Johnie Imes

Strengths:  Melanie knows her own game very well.  She understands her mechanics with the help of her golf professional and she can problem solve if she needs to make an adjustment.  She is a very good putter and has all the shots needed to score.  Intangibles:  Mel is competitive and has a tremendous amount of desire to succeed and be a great teammate.

Needs to improve:  Melanie needs to improve her short game statistics.  This will happen with a combination of hard work on developing it to a higher level and using better course management with her approach shots.  She put a lot of pressure on her short game this fall by being short sided and leaving herself tough up and downs. 

Synopsis: A typical round for Mel is hitting about 12 greens and making birdies on at least 3 of them.  On the 6 greens she misses, she gets it up and down 2 or 3 times.  Once in a while, a shot gets away from her and she has a penalty shot.  The two areas of focus based on a pretty straight forward group of statistics is course management and short game.  The course management issues are to choose the best club for the shot, not the perfect club and lessen pressing, especially on approach shots. 

Coach's take: Mel is on the right track and has her own plan.  She takes a mature approach to her game and I'm looking forward to supporting her with her goals this semester. 

Drills to focus on this semester:
Putting -
Compete with your teammates on the practice green.  Continue to work on speed control.
Lag Drill - Put a club 2 feet behind the hole.  Put tees down at 25, 30, 40 and 60 feet. (you can change the four distances to whatever you like).   Putt twice from each tee using your routine.  You get 5 points for a make, 3 points if you are within the space created between the hole and the club, 1 point if you are within a foot of the hole short.   If you get 15 points in 8 putts, you are finished with the drill.  If not, do it again.
Work on your strengths and keep them close.  Convert birdies with this drill:
Annika Drill - (appropriate for a Swede!)  put 3 tees down around the hole in varying lengths of 10-20 feet.  Putt from all 3 tees using your routine.  When you make 2/3, you are finished.  To create a tougher challenge, find a hole with quite a bit of slope.  This drill is to simulate birdie putts.  Take notice if your speed is good (within 1-2 feet if not made) and whether or not you are reading and playing enough break.

Chipping -
Compete with your teammates using one ball.  Play a game a day.
1.  Hit your intermediate target.  Choose the right intermediate target.  Put tees in the ground where you want to land the ball and work to hit the tee.  You can change your club choice, swing length, or ball position to adjust to hitting tees.
2.  Learn to control spin.  Ball position and club choice is key.
3.  Work the ball to the hole.  Make sure you play your shots high enough.  Give it a chance.

Bunker -
You need to camp out here!  Both you and Alex have the same focuses here, so challenge each other to being great by the end of the semester.  At the end of the year, you will make a difference with a fantastic bunker shot.  Get ready for that moment.
1.  Hit until you get 10 balls within a clublength of the hole.  When you are successful, pick a new hole and do the same.
2.  10 Shots Drill - Hit the following 10 bunker shots:
2 from good lies
1 from an upslope
1 from a downslope
1 with the ball above your feet
1 with the ball below your feet
1 in a fried egg lie
1 buried
2 from good lies
First goal:  Get all 10 out of the bunker.  Second goal:  Get all 10 on the green.  Third goal:  Get all 10 within 10 feet of the hole.  You may finish the shots out to see what your up and down % is for the 10 shots.
Pitching - Work on landing the ball on your spot, predicting the roll and controlling the spin.  Throw some balls down daily at least 15 or 20 yards away from the green and get them up and down.  

Wedges - Being a better wedge player will help you lower your par 5 average.  This is one stat that separates the best in the nation from all others.  When you are playing, drop a ball at your yardage and get it up and down.  On another day, choose a yardage you are uncomfortable with and get those up and down, too. 

Ball Striking - Work hard on your swing and produce the shots you want to hit.

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