Monday, January 21, 2013

Practice Schedule #1 Spring '13

SMU Women's Golf

Tuesday, Jan. 22          Team Workout at 6:30 AM at Lloyd.
Team practice at 2:00 - Red Zone Challenge Day -
Teams:  JP & Kim, Jenny & Mehar, Elena & Felicia, Alex & Caitlin, Mel & Dave.
Work with your partner and go through the testing.  The lowest combined team will win 3 I AM NOT WORTHYS from the other teams to be given after the challenge.  Spend the remaining practice time working on your short game using drills in your player plans. 

Wednesday, Jan. 23     9 Holes at Lakewood and at least an hour of putting games and practice.  Play a lot of competitive games with your teammates.

Thursday, Jan. 24        Team workout at 6:30 AM.  2:00 Team Practice:  Speed drills.
There will be 6 stations set up and you will be timed in each station.  The lowest time for each wins a prize and the lowest overall time wins (1) I AM NOT WORTHY from each teammate to be called at any time and any place before Sunday night.
(Stations 1-3 on putting green) 1.  Make 20 in a row from 4 feet.  2.  Make 5 in a row from 10 feet.  3.  Lag 5 in a row within 18" of hole.  (Stations 4-6 on nearest chipping green) 4.  chip in from 20 feet  5.  Pitch 5 balls that land on the towel.  6.  Hit 10 bunker shots within a wedge length of the hole.  Will you succeed more quickly using your routine or just firing them at the hole?  Your call!
You get a maximum of 10 minutes at each task.  Coaches will be stationed to write down your time and rotate you after 10 minutes.
When finished, do whatever you need to prepare for qualifying including playing.

Friday, Jan. 25             OYO

Saturday, Jan. 26         Qualifying at 1:00 PM Pairings:  (Jenny, Alex, Kim), (Mehar, Felicia, Elena), (Mel, Caitlin, JP) Course tbd
Sunday, Jan. 27           Qualifying at 1:00 PM Pairings made according to Saturday scores.  Course tbd
Monday, Jan. 28           Team Workout at 3:00 PM

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