Saturday, March 16, 2013

Body Language

I love it when my mind is busy with a subject and I start writing and writing and then I come upon the perfect answer to my question.  Here it is:

Amy Cuddy:  Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

As coaches, we know this stuff is not only true, but a key to success.  Here is the best thing Ms. Cuddy said:

Sadly, I often see the opposite.  I see players hang their head, slump their shoulders, slow their pace and scatter their confidence behind them.  I see players with tight mouths and tight shoulders who can't step over an emotion, be it anger, frustration or helplessness.  I see players with quick reactions to shots who aren't into what they are doing but focused on the results of their efforts.  I see players who go inward and walk the course without ever seeing the trees or birds.  They are busy fixing their faults, not playing the game.  Most of what I do as a coach is based on body language.

When players are rolling, I let them roll.  A focused golfer sees the golf course.  Her head is up and her eyes are clear.  She has a smooth forehead and a relaxed mouth.  She might feel anger or frustration, but lets go of the emotions and keeps her focus.  She watches her shots with little or no reaction.  She takes her time when she is in trouble and quickens her pace when she needs a little energy.  While I coach individuals who are unique, these things are fairly universal.  Body language speaks volumes.

Picture your favorite competitor.  I'm a big fan of Drew Brees.  He is one of the smallest guys on the field, but he demands his teammate's attention.
He shows positive emotions on the field, including gratitude.

He is focused and patient when the action is happening.
If things aren't going well, he is determined.
When things go well, he celebrates!

It's time to start your own highlight reel.  Go ahead and practice your walk, your talk and your celebrations.  As Amy Cuddy said, don't just fake it 'til you make it, fake it 'til you become it!

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