Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily Do It #1

For the summer, I will post three Daily Do Its per week!  These will be challenges you can use to get your body, your golf game and your mind in better shape.

SMU Women's Golf Daily Do It #1

Body:  Stand on one leg and write the alphabet with your other leg.  You might want to start with something close by, such as a counter or a chair to grab for balance.  The goal is to be able to do the entire alphabet with each leg with no balance aids.  This is great for lower body stability and balance and good for all those little muscles that make up your hip girdle.  All very important for golfers.
Here is a link to an example.

Putting:  Find a colored ball or use a range ball.  Put it in the middle of the green.  Now put 10 balls down around the edge of the entire green, spacing them evenly.  Putt each ball to the colored ball using your routine.  How many times did you hit the ball?  How many balls did you leave within 2 feet of the ball?  You will have a % if you multiply the number by 10.

Short Game:  Get one ball up and down 10 times chipping from 45-60 feet away from a hole.  Putt everything out.  How many tries did it take you?

Ball Striking:  Find a green where you can hit 100 yard shots.  Hit 10.  Write down the % that you got on the green, the % that you got within 10 paces, the % you got within 10 feet, the % you got within 5 feet.

Mental Game:  Describe your favorite hole.  How detailed is your description?  Do you know how the ground slopes?  Do you know how many trees there are on the hole?  Do you know how deep the green is in yards?  Can you close your eyes and picture the hole?  Next time you play the hole, look at it closely enough to improve your description.

Many of the Daily Do Its will be repeated throughout the summer so you can see if you have improved your skills.  Feel free to let me know how you did!

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