Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Daily Do It #2

For the summer, I will post three Daily Do Its per week!  These will be challenges you can use to get your body, your golf game and your mind in better shape.

SMU Women's Golf Daily Do It #2

Body: Do a plank!  Hold it for as long as you can.  If you are new to this, start with 30 seconds and do two of them.  Here is link to show you how to plank.

Putting:  Make 100 putts from 4 feet.  These don't have to be in a row.  If you use a routine on the course to putt a 4 footer, then do the same thing here.  Put five tees around a hole on a slope to make it tougher.  Focus on rolling each putt in at the correct speed for the putt. 

Short Game:  Hit 5 bunker shots to within a flagstick of the hole.  Now hit 5 balls out of the bunker and onto the green from an uphill, downhill, sidehill and fried egg lie. 

Ball Striking:  On the driving range, pick out a fairway that is about 25 yards wide.  Use your routine, visualize the shot and hit drivers until you get 10 balls to start in and end in the fairway.  How many did it take? 

Mental Game:  When you did the ball striking challenge today, did you see, feel and trust each drive and hit it without mechanical thoughts?  What % of drives did you stay clear in your mind? 

Many of the Daily Do Its will be repeated throughout the summer so you can see if you have improved your skills.  Feel free to let me know how you did!

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