Friday, May 24, 2013

Daily Do It #3

For the summer, I will post three Daily Do Its per week!  These will be challenges you can use to get your body, your golf game and your mind in better shape.

SMU Women's Golf Daily Do It #3

Body: Do 1 legged squats.  You can start with body weight only and progress to using weight.  In the video, they use a kettle ball, but you can use a gallon milk jug and fill it with water if you don't have a weight or kettle ball at home.  Here is an example of the exercise.

Putting: Find a big breaking putt that is at least 30 feet long.  Put a tee in the ground as a starting point.  Read the putt and put two tees (gate) in the ground 6" in front of your ball where it will need to start to go in the hole.  Putt the ball.  Did you put the gate in the right place?  If not, adjust them.  How was your speed?  Did the ball stop within 2 feet of the hole?  This is a great way to begin to see how high a ball needs to start on breaking putts when rolled with the correct speed.

Short Game:  Put three towels down in front of you at 25, 50 and 75 yards.  Hit 1 low shot, 1 medium trajectory shot and one high shot at the first towel.  Your goal is to land each ball on the towel.  Vary your trajectory by varying your ball position.  Notice the length of swing needed to create the proper distance.  Now do the same thing to the 2nd towel.  Continue until you are happy with your ability to create your trajectory and control your distance.  

Ball Striking:  We will stay with trajectory today.  Choose three irons and hit each one high, medium and low.  Vary your ball position to vary your trajectory.  Which balls fly the farthest?  Which balls roll the most?  How good are you at controlling your distance using trajectory.  Do it until you can hit the ball at the height you visualize.  This is a key to becoming a great player.

Mental Game:  Today, work on your routine.  Think about each movement you make, why you make it and what it does for your ability to hit good shots.  How long does your routine take?  Most tour players have a routine that takes between 20-35 seconds.  Here are some things to consider when building your routine and examples of pros who you can learn from:  rhythm (Dufner), visualization (Bubba), alignment (Woodland), what happens in your routine (Sorenstam), rehearsal (Stricker), consistency (Tiger), putting (pros), focus (McDowell).  :-)

Many of the Daily Do Its will be repeated throughout the summer so you can see if you have improved your skills.  Feel free to let me know how you did!

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