Monday, May 27, 2013

Daily Do It #4

Each week this summer, I will post three Daily Do Its for my team and any golfers who want to work toward improvement of their game.  The Do Its will include challenges in your fitness, putting, short game, ball striking and mental game.  I will use various media sources and hopefully give you some fun ways to work hard and reach your goals.

Daily Do Its:
Fitness:  Today, we are going to focus on ankle stability.  You don't hear too much about this part of the body when talking about good golf swings, but they are the foundation of your stability in your set up.  Here is a good clip from some Brits.   

Putting:  Play the Around the World Moveback Challenge today.  Put 5 tees in the ground around the hole one putter length from the hole.  Make one putt from each and move the tee back one putter length when you do.  Use your routine on all putts.  You can play this as far back as you want today.  Play for no more than 30 minutes.  How far did you get?

Short Game:  Here is a nice clip from Justin Leonard on chipping from the rough.  Watch it and then go do his practice.  Drop 6 balls around the green in deep rough, then on tight lies, and move closer to and further from the green.  Carry at least 3 wedges and try them all.  Your goal should be 100% on the green, 50% within 5 feet of the hole. 

Ball Striking:  More is Less!  Today, play 9 holes and use 1 extra club on each shot.  If you are at 7 iron distance, use your 6 iron and make it work.  You can grip down on the club, lower your trajectory, make your swing smaller, slow your tempo or hit a high cut shot.  There are a lot of ways to take distance off the club.  Have fun and try them all.  If you want to add to the challenge, use 2 extra clubs instead of 1.

Mental Game:  In your 9 hole round, make it a point to carry your club in your hand after every good shot you hit.  If you aren't happy with your shot, simply put your club gently in your bag and have that act be symbolic of the shot being finished.

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