Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daily Do It #5

Each week this summer, I will post three Daily Do Its for my team and any golfers who want to work toward improvement of their game.  The Do Its will include challenges in your fitness, putting, short game, ball striking and mental game.  I will use various media sources and hopefully give you some fun ways to work hard and reach your goals.

Daily Do Its:
Fitness:  Back Strength - Your back strength is important for injury prevention as well as producing good golf shots.  Your back is one part of your core and your entire core works in every rotation you make when you swing or as you support yourself in putting or golf posture.  A strong back is made up of strong glutes, lats, obliques and erectors.  You also need strong abs.  Here is a great lower back strengthening workout available on youtube. I'd love to see my team doing this 8 minute workout at least 3X per week.  The stronger their backs, the longer they can practice.  :-)

Putting: Put a club one pace behind the hole.  Putt 3 balls from 20 feet and if you get 2 of 3 either in the hole or within the space between the hole and the club, move back 5 feet.  If you miss the putt on the low side of the hole or short of the hole, it doesn't count!  Keep moving back in 5 feet intervals as far as you want to go.  Use your routine on all putts. 

Short Game:  Today, you need to grab a target from your house.  A perfect one would be a lid from a cool whip or margarine container.  Put a tee in it to hold it down on the green.  From the edge of the green, step off 10 paces and drop 10 balls.  Your goal is to land the balls on the target with each chip.  When you are successful 50% of the time, grab a different club and do it again.  Take note of where your balls are rolling to with both clubs.  Vary your ball position and swing length to change trajectory and carry distance.  Your ability to land the ball on the spot you choose is a key to being a short game expert.

Ball Striking:  Today, we are going to meld the ball striking and mental game challenges.  Play 9 or 18 holes on the driving range.  Choose your favorite course and go to the first tee!  Choose the appropriate club, visualize the hole and your shot, go through your routine and trust it!  See it, feel it, trust it as my friend Dr. David Cook would say!  After you hit your shot, decide on its position and quality to figure out where you would be on the course and hit the next shot with the appropriate club.  This is a great exercise to do with a partner, especially when you both know the course. 

Here is a great video on visualization!  

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