Saturday, June 1, 2013

Daily Do It #6

Each week this summer, I will post three Daily Do Its for my team and any golfers who want to work toward improvement of their game.  The Do Its will include challenges in your fitness, putting, short game, ball striking and mental game.  I will use various media sources and hopefully give you some fun ways to work hard and reach your goals.

This one is a day late.  It probably won't be the last time this summer that that happens, but here we go, #6.

Fitness Challenge:  Here is a great stair workout for you.  Start with the basics until you get into better shape.  If you can do everything, consider yourself in great shape.  My goal is to give you fitness challenges that don't require a gym or equipment.  There are no excuses for not training your body.  This workout will do a lot for you.  Start a bit slowly and make sure your knee tracks over your foot and your hip tracks over your knee.  So many golfers have weak joints that break down their stability.  As you progress, this will help your strength, stability and explosiveness.
Putting Challenge:
Coin Drill #1:  Put a quarter on the green and putt it until it moves a foot or so.  This will make sure that your putter works down through the ball at impact and your hands will stay ahead of the putter head.  If your hands release early, you will have a hard time completing this drill.
Coin Drill #2:  Put the quarter 6-12" in front of your ball on line with the hole.  Putt so the ball rolls over the intermediate target en route to the hole.  Rolling the ball where your putter aims is one of the basic skills of great putters.

The next three challenges should be done on the golf course.  Find a time when no one is behind you pushing you to play quickly.

Short Game Challenge:
Wedges:  On hole #1, hit 3 wedges from 10 yards off the green to the hole.  Hit a high wedge, a medium trajectory and a low wedge.  5 points if within 5 feet, 3 points if within 10 feet, 1 point if within 15 feet.  -1 point if you are outside 15 feet or if the trajectory doesn't match your visualization.
On hole #2, hit 3 wedges from 20 yards.  When you get to 9, you will be hitting 3 wedges from 90 yards.  If you don't have access to a golf course to play this game, you can play it in a practice area.  Anything over 50 points is a good score.  What did you score?  Keep track and see if you can improve on it next week.

Shot Making Challenge:  On par 3's, play the back tees.  On par 4's and 5's, play the front tees.  Your goal is to have 100% on up and downs.  Anything within 100 yards counts as an up and down.  Place your shots in the area that will make it easiest to get an up and down.  What did you score?  Don't forget to do the wedge drill listed above.

Mental Game Challenge:  It was part of the shot making challenge.  Map the course you are playing before you play it.  Your goal is 100% up and downs.  How does position play into your success?  Can you leave yourself at yardages that make it easier? 

If you truly have a course that allows you to do what you want, add this component:  Any hole that you don't get an up and down on, go play it again and keep playing it until you get an up and down.  Make some sort of an adjustment to your game plan prior to playing it a second time.

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