Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daily Do It #9 PROPS!

You will need some preparation today for your practice.  Each challenge calls for you to take household items with you to the golf course.  Today is a fun day filled with props to help you with your game.

Putting Challenge:
String Drill - Put a string at least 6-10 feet long on the green.  Putt to it until you get 3 balls to stop within a putter head distance from 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 feet.

Quarter Drill - Put a tee in the ground at 3 feet from the hole.  Put a quarter down and putt it.  Make sure you move it at least a few inches.  When successful, hit 3 putts into the hole with the same feel for the stroke.  Continue until you can do it with ease.  This is a great drill to keep your hands ahead of the club face as you putt.

Short Game Challenge:
Intermediate Target Drill -  We've done this one before.  Find a margarine tub lid and bring it with you to the course.  Put it on the green and anchor it with a tee.  Feel free to use multiple lids if you have them.  Throw balls out randomly and chip each one to land on the lid.  Learning to land the ball on the spot you want is an important skill to a good golf game.

Trajectory Drill - Save your gallon milk jugs for this one.  Stick your aiming stick in the ground and put the jug on it by turning it upside down.  Now, throw balls down 5 to 30 yards away from the jug.  Can you chip these balls and have them hit the jug?  As you move around, you will have to control your trajectory to accomplish this challenge.  When you hit the jug, you will be rewarded with a loud noise!  Learn to visualize and control the height of your shots!

Ball Striking Challenge:  It's all about the snacks!

Nilla Wafer Drill - Hitting good golf shots means hitting down and through the ball.  Throw a Nilla Wafer on the ground and hit it.  If you can send it flying, you are making a downward strike and getting to the bottom of the ball. 

Pringles Drill - Can you hit golf shots with a Pringle in your mouth without breaking it at impact?  Unwanted tension is important to recognize.  Can you be this relaxed when you hit golf shots?

White Board Marker - Mark each range ball prior to hitting it and then check the face of your club to see where you are impacting the ball.  Shots hit from the center of the face are more solid and predictable.  

Fitness Challenge
Step Ups - Find a high step and step onto it. Get your whole foot on the step, not just the ball of your foot.  Raise your other knee to your chest, step down and back into a lunge.  Switch legs and do it again. Do two sets of 15.  

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