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Ownership Worksheet


Who Are You as a Player? (2-7) (See The Definition of You Blog for examples)

Big Goals: (1-5)

Little Goals: (5-10)

Supporting Behaviors:

Important Details:

Evaluation Times:

My Team:

Strengths to Use:

Weakness to work on or offset:
Here is an example for you to see.  This is not real, but it is realistic.  This is typical for a college player.

Name:  Julie Chapman
Date:  June 26, 2013

Who Are You as a Player?
Great Wedge Player

Big Goals:
1.  Win a Conference Championship with my team!
2.  Win a tournament this year.
3.  Average 74 or lower this year.
4.  Appreciate how cool it is to play college golf.
5.  Have fun with my teammates and coaches.

Little Goals: (5-10)
To Win a Conference Championship as a team I will need to:
1.  Be a good teammate.  Be supportive, be a leader, do the right things.
Evaluation:  The evaluation of this is totally on me.  If I can be a leader, I will do it by good behavior, good words and a good heart.  I will know if I am not a good teammate and will apologize and start over.
2.  Be consistent and contribute good scores.  Fight for every shot on the golf course.
Evaluation:  I can keep track of this by keeping a tally if I had a plan for each shot, focused on the execution and accepted the outcome.  I don't need to keep track of this all the time, but I will do so if I feel like I'm losing focus on the golf course.  The real goal here is staying in the moment.

To Win a Tournament this year I will need to:
1.  Be focused on what I can do successfully on the golf course at all times.
Evaluation:  Same as the one above.
2.  Get rest by finishing schoolwork, turning off my phone and avoiding caffeine.
Evaluation:  Goal is 100% on this one.  Evaluate after every tournament and look at problems if it isn't 100%.
3.  Be ready for my opportunity when it presents itself to me.  Be mentally prepared.  SFT
Evaluation:  Simple, be ready!  Tough to evaluate, but I want to see it, feel it, trust it on every shot.  If I'm struggling with this, I need to start keeping tally marks and working on improvement.  I also need to notice if the tally marks are easier with some skills than others.  I can track SFT and that is the key to my readiness.

To Average 74 or lower this year I will need to:
1.  I need to make one more putt per 9 holes to achieve this goal.
Evaluation:  Keep track of ppr, pgir and 1 putts vs. 3 putts.
2.  Work on my putting skills for an hour every day.  Aiming, distance control, reading greens, execution.
Evaluation:  Go to practice with a plan and find ways to keep it interesting, challenging and fun.
3.  Be diligent in practice rounds at looking at greens for slopes, breaks and grain.
Evaluation:  Check notes after leaving every green.  
4.  Maintain my ball striking and short game skills by working on them daily and keeping track of my statistics.
Keep stats and look at them occasionally.

To appreciate how cool it is to play college golf I need to:
1.  Avoid getting stressed out about stuff I can't control and recognize the stuff I can control and take care of it.
Evaluation: Keep track of my stress and address issues that cause it.
2.  Stay organized with my time so I can have fun when I have free time, study when I need to and be focused on golf when I'm on the course.
Evaluation:  Check my calendar and be detailed.  
3.  Not worry about stuff coming up or dwell on mistakes made.
Evaluation:  Am I in the moment?  Get in the habit of letting it go vs. the other stuff.

To have fun with my teammates and coaches I need to:
1.  Keep an open mind with those around me.
2.  Let them know me and get to know them.
Evaluation:  Am I able to laugh, relax and socialize in a way that makes me happy and comfortable?

Supporting Behaviors:
1.  Good time manager.  Organized.
2.  Start on the putting green at practice every day.
3.  Smile a lot.
4.  Focus when practicing and playing.  No wandering mind out there!
5.  Walk like a champion in practice, qualifying and tournaments.  Be my feisty self out there!
6.  Help the young players be prepared for practice, workouts, travel, competition, and school.

Important Details:
1.  Check my alignment and ball position with swing and putter each week.
2.  Take time every Sunday to look at my upcoming week for qualifying, tests and quizzes and other responsibilities.
3.  Check in with my teammates one on one and find out what's going on with them weekly.
4.  If something in my game doesn't feel right, address it, work on it and manage it.

Evaluation Times:
I will keep these goals for my entire junior year.  I will look at them after every tournament to see if I need to adjust anything.  I will look closely at them after the semester to make sure they are what I need for the spring.

My Team:
1.  My parents
2.  My swing coach
3.  My coaches at school

I will share this worksheet with them and ask for their help along the way. 

Faith, determination, wedge game, competitive edge and ability to focus

Length (offset by playing smart position golf and being great with my wedges), anger (offset by breathing techniques and refocusing), impatience (offset by thinking about other things between shots and by forgiving myself quickly), bunker play (offset by working on it daily and game planning to the center of greens when hole is cut over bunker).

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