Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Vacation - Daily Do It #7

Hi everyone!  I have been a road warrior the past 3 weeks.  Most of the time I had no wifi or computer, so my deepest apologies for the lack of promised blog posts.  I have been watching a lot of great golf and thinking a lot about what it takes to rise to greatness since then.

After a week in Wales at the British Am, I came away impressed with the short game skills I saw.  When I say short game, I mean anything within 100 yards, including the putter.  Many of the low scores came from players using the ground instead of the air to get the ball close to the hole.  This week, I want you to work on learning to use the ground.  This is a skill that isn't often used in Texas, due to a lot of sticky Bermuda grass.  However, we can still work on it.  Here are some fun challenges for you:

1.  Drop 10 balls in a line, each a step further off the green in the fringe or a closely mown area.  Putt each ball to the hole.  Take note of how far off the green you were effective with the putter.  If you need a little practice, try it again.  Now do the same thing with a hybrid.  Was it more effective or less?  Do you need some practice to make it a more comfortable shot?  Now choose an iron, such as a 7 and do it again.  End with a wedge.  This challenge will be most effective if you finish out each of the ten shots and keep track of your up and down percentage with each club.  Do it more than once a week to learn to use the ground as effectively as you use the air to get the ball close.

2.  Today's workout challenge will also focus on using the ground.  Pretend you are Chuck Norris and push the ground away from you 10 times.  Keep your elbows close to your side.  If you need to start doing push ups on your knees instead of your toes, do so, but work toward doing 10 push ups on your toes with a straight back.

3.  Full swing - Work on flighting your shots today.  Hit 3 shots with your 7 iron.  The first should be your normal set up and ball flight.  Now put the ball back toward your back foot and a bit more weight on your front foot.  Did you flight the ball lower?  Now put the ball forward in your stance and a bit more weight centered behind the ball.  Did you flight the ball higher?  Finish your swing as you want the ball to fly.  If you want a high shot, finish with a tall chest and your eyes up.  If you want a low shot, finish low with your chest, your eyes and your club.

4.  Mental Challenge - Go play nine holes and find 3 options with each and every shot.  Hit a high, a standard and a low shot.  Choose different clubs and different landing points for each.

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