Friday, September 6, 2013


Let's talk about nerves.  You step to the first tee and everyone is watching you.  The fairway looks like a bowling alley and you can't get the ball on the tee without shaking.  What you have is a case of nerves. 

Nerves are normal to anyone asked to perform.  The first tee is a lot like the opening line for an actor or hitting that first note for a musician.  Once the beginning is underway, nerves will usually subside.  Why?  Because nerves are just energy, nothing more.  Think of your nerves as a big swarm of bees.  They are scary, they fly around and they make an annoying noise in your head.  As soon as you figure out that you are prepared for the beginning of your performance, you can take that energy and focus it into what you need to do or say or sing.  The bees are still there, but you have placed them inside the hive and the buzzing is faint and centered. 

Ali knew that bees represented focus.  He also how to couple it with the grace of a butterfly.  Can you play golf feeling as though you float between shots and sting your shots at the target?

The next time you feel those nerves, whether they are on the first tee or over a tough putt to win, imagine your belly button as the entrance to the hive.  Invite the buzz in, channel it into what you must do, focus on your preparation and place your energy where you want it.  Nervezzz are normal and as soon as you figure out that they represent extra energy at important times, you can focus them into action. 

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