Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Week at SMU Golf

This week, our team set our goals.  Getting 11 people to brainstorm, agree and commit to goals is often a slow process, but if it was easy and came from only one or two on the team, it wouldn't be valid.  We got great input from everyone and here is what we came up with:
The form of the tree was the team's idea and it was a good one.  It signifies our constant and continuous growth, the roots of health and love for one another and the way that our big goals are at the top of our growth.  We, Dave and I, were already teasing them about the level of enthusiasm at our most recent 6:30 AM workout.  That is the best thing about the Goal Tree, it can be used in every part of our daily life.  We talked about the fact that our goals should be reflected in our daily choices and visa versa.

Here is our practice schedule for the week:

Mustang Golf
Practice Schedule #2

1/29/14               Wednesday         Please play 9 holes today and accomplish the following: 

  • ·        Divide the fairway in half and choose which half you want your ball to finish in.  Keep track of your number of successes.
  • ·        Drop an extra ball at 100 yards on par 5s, 150 yards on par 4’s and play from 200 yards on par 3’s.  Divide the green into quadrants with front right being A, back right being B, back left being C and front left being D.  Decide prior to hitting your shot which quadrant you want to hit and hold.  Keep track of your number of successes. 
  • ·        Drop a ball on the long side from the pin and get it up and down.  If the pin is back right, drop a ball front left on the green. 
  • When finished, work on whatever you need.  Please make sure you are aware of others on the golf course and allow them to play through. 

1/30/14               Thursday
·        If you missed practice yesterday, go play 9 and work through the goals if it isn’t too crowded.  Otherwise, accomplish this today.
·        Find a teammate and play these competitions:
1.      Do the Ten Putt Drill to start your day.
2.      Play Around the World putting.
3.      Choose 1 or 2 other putting challenges to finish today.
4.      Up and down game.  Play to 5  points.  You get a point when you get the ball up and down and your teammate fails. 
5.      Same game from the bunker.
6.      On the big green by #1 on the blue course play cha ching.  The more the merrier.  Long putts.  The closest gets 2 points.  2 putting gets a point.  3 Putting loses a point.  Play to 7.  Throw some balls down off the green and putt them. 
This should take you 2-2 ½ hours.  Spend the remaining time working on what you need.  Don’t work on these challenges for more than 2 ½ hours.
The greens at Eagle Creek are big, which is the reason for long putting, long sided chips and choosing green quadrants for approach shots.

Qualifying on Friday and Sunday afternoon on DAC Blue!

Quotes from the Pros:
Q.  How do you go from Saturday where you're obviously fighting your swing, you put the ball in the hazard, shanked one sideways, to the trophy winner?

JESSICA KORDA:  I didn't let it get to me.  You know, I hooked a bunch into the water this week, hooked a bunch just in general.  But it's just another shot.  You kind of have to forget about it and move on.  I might have shanked a shot yesterday, but I birdied the next hole right back.  I definitely wasn't looking back.  I just kept looking forward.

Team Confidence:  We are great players.  If you only feel good after a low round or a good shot, your confidence is reliant upon results instead of what you bring to the course as a player and a competitor.  Korda is mentally tough.

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