Thursday, February 13, 2014

2 Day Practice Schedule

Today's practice schedule is for two days of focused practice before we travel and compete again.  We need a team bounce back and the best way to do it is to work on defense.  In golf, defense is played with the putter and the short game. 

SMU Women’s Golf
P.S. #4 Feb. 13 –

Thursday, February 13 –

Choose 3 of the following challenges:

1.       Find a hole with slope and play around the world from 4, 5, 6 feet.  Put tees in 5 spots around the hole.  Go around and back.  To move from 4 to 5 feet, you must make 10 in a row. 

2.      Make 25 5 foot putts in a row.  When you get to 23, make sure to stop and tell everyone on the green to watch you finish.  The best feeling in the world is when you tell others, “Hey, watch me!  I got this!”

3.      Put a tee down at 6, 8 and 10 feet from the hole. Putt 10 balls from each tee. You have a box that is 2 feet wide and long around the hole, past the front edge.  You must make 8/10 from 6 feet, 7/10 from 8 feet and 6/10 from 10 feet.  10/10 of your balls must be within the box if they don’t fall. 

4.      Star Drill – Put 3 tees in the ground in 5 points around the hole at 4, 5 and 6 feet.  That is a total of 15 putts.  Make 15 in a row.  Use your routine.  Visualize your speed.

5.      10 Putt Drill –  Make 3 from 4 feet, 3 from 5 feet, 3 from 6 feet and 1 from 10 feet all in a row.

Choose 3 of the following challenges (make sure bunkers are one of the three):
  • 1.       Rock Pile Challenge - Put 9 balls in a pile at a chosen distance from the hole.  You can choose the club and the distance.  If you miss the green, add 3 balls to the pile.  If you hit it within 5 feet, take 3 balls off the pile.  If you hit it within 10 feet take 1 ball off the pile.  If you hit it outside 21 feet, add 1 balls to the pile.  Easier if you work with a teammate and take turns.  Use your routine.  See the shot, feel the shot, hit the shot.  You can choose as many clubs and distances as you choose.  Do at least 3.
  • 2.      Master of all Lies - Do the 10 shot Bunker drill.  2 from a good lie, 1 from an uphill, 1 from a downhill, 1 with the ball above your feet, 1 with the ball below your feet, 1 with a buried lie, 1 with a fried egg lie and 2 from a good lie to finish.  If any of the shots fail to get out or onto the green, after you finish, hit more from that situation and figure it out.  Ask for help if you need it.  Do the drill more than once if you feel the need.
  • 3.      Chip in with each of your wedges.
  • 4.      Otis Challenge - Using 1 ball, 1 club and your putter, get it up and down 10 times.  Drop the ball.  Putt everything out.  You may play with a teammate.
  • 5.      Dialed In Chipping -Put a club 4 feet behind the hole on your line.  Drop 3 balls 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 feet from the fringe.  Chip until you get at least 2/3 of each set of balls to either go in the hole or past the hole within the space created between the hole and the club. 
Spend time with Dave or me going through your routine for putting, short game, iron shots and long clubs.  We are going to talk about choosing targets with you, visualization, focus and rhythm.

Spend 1 hour on OYO practice.  Talk with Dave or me about what you plan to do and why.

Friday, February 14 HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!
Love your teammate by competing as hard as you can to beat her today!  If you do that, you will both be better for it!

  • 1.       Pitch Shots – Carry 3 balls and 2 wedges.  Drop your ball and hit 1 ball at each of the 3 holes cut on one of the greens.  You must have 2 closest to the hole to win a point.  If you are closest on all 3 shots, you win 2 points.  If your pitch doesn’t stay on the green, you lose a point.  Pick TOUGH shots.  Drop your ball.  Go through your routine.  Talk smack!  First to 11 wins.  You have to hit 11 on the number.  If you go over, you slide back to 8.
  • 2.      Long Putts – On the big green in front of the clubhouse.  Play 9 holes.  You need to play 3 holes from 20-25 feet, 3 holes from 30-35 feet and 3 holes from 40-45 feet.  You owe your teammate 5 push ups for any 3 putt.  If you make a putt, your opponent owes you 5 burpees.  If either you or your opponent finish with more than 18 putts, you must play again.  Same rules apply.  All penalty exercises to be done at the finish of the 9 hole match.
  • 3.      Short Putts – Use 3 balls.  Putt from 3 feet, if you make all 3, move back to 4 feet.  Keep going and see how far away from the hole you can go.  The game stays alive if you make 2/3 from any distance.  You can’t move to the next distance if you make 2/3, but you can try again.  
  • 4.      Chipping – Chip with a teammate.  Both of you use 2 balls to the same target.  You are judged by your worst ball.  Closest worst ball gets a point.  Chipping in any ball earns a point.  Play to 10.

Individual Work:
  • 1.       Start with your wedges and work all the way up to your 7 iron.  Hit 3 shots with each club; 1 each to each of the 3 holes on a green in the short game area.  You must get each shot within 10 feet to finish with that club.  No do-overs.  Go through your routine.  Keep working in sets of 3 until you finish.  Make sure you choose a yardage that allows you to get to all 3 holes.  That means you are working on taking a bit off the distance to the shorter holes.  Control trajectory, visualize the shot, control your spin.  Get help if you have problems with any of these directions.
  • 2.      On the driving range, hit balls with complete intention for each ball.  Hit 6 irons and up.  Choose specific targets.  Visualize the shot’s flight and landing.  How will it bounce?  Work with a partner and verbalize what you want.  Use your routine.  Work in groups of 3 balls.  When you are happy with all 3 balls in a group, switch clubs.  Whenever you switch clubs, it’s your partner’s turn.
OYO – Spend the final hour of practice working on what you need.  Please go over your goals with Dave or me sometime during the day.

Saturday, February 15  – Travel

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