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SMU Women's Golf Practice

SMU Women’s Golf
P.S. #5
February 20 – 26, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 20     Please practice for 3 hours today.  Work on what you need based on your stats and goals. 

The most important (valuable) shot in golf is the 5 feet long putt. 

Overall, the stats from the last two tournaments tell me that our ball striking is very good.  We are hitting a lot of fairways and greens.  We need to continue to improve on our wedges and putting.  Short game has been the key to a few of the players who had recent success, so make sure you schedule yourself to work on it daily.

On wedges, continue to work on solid contact, trajectory control and distance control.  When those three things are good, work on controlling your spin and landing point. 

On ball striking, take dead aim for each shot.  When practicing on the course, throw an extra ball down in any problem area you are having.  If it is 200 yard shots, throw a ball down at 200 and give yourself a realistic practice opportunity.  On drives, choose half of the fairway and work the ball into it.  Continue to make your practice more challenging than your tournament play will be.

Friday, Feb. 21     Please make sure you play at least 9 holes on the blue course today.  Spend 1 hour on the putting green and accomplish 2 short putt challenges, 1 medium putt challenge and 1 long putt challenge.  Spend the other hour working on what you need for your game. 

Short Putt Challenges:
1.     Find a hole with slope and play around the world from 4, 5, 6 feet.  Put tees in 5 spots around the hole.  Go around and back.  To move from 4 to 5 feet, you must make 10 in a row. 
2.     Make 25 5 foot putts in a row.  When you get to 23, make sure to stop and tell everyone on the green to watch you finish.  The best feeling in the world is when you tell others, “Hey, watch me!  I got this!”
3.     Put a tee down at 6, 8 and 10 feet from the hole. Putt 10 balls from each tee. You have a box that is 2 feet wide and long around the hole, past the front edge.  You must make 8/10 from 6 feet, 7/10 from 8 feet and 6/10 from 10 feet.  10/10 of your balls must be within the box if they don’t fall. 
4.     Star Drill – Put 3 tees in the ground in 5 points around the hole at 4, 5 and 6 feet.  That is a total of 15 putts.  Make 15 in a row.  Use your routine.  Visualize your speed.
5.     10 Putt Challenge -Make 3 from 4 feet, 3 from 5 feet, 3 from 6 feet and 1 from 10 feet all in a row.
Medium Putt Challenges:
1.     Clock Drill – Put balls down at 5, 10 and 15 feet as shown below to simulate your birdie opportunities.  Work your way around the clock.  No do overs.  How many of the 12 putts did you make?  Set your own standard.
2.      Quarter of a Cup - Find a breaking putt and decide where on the clock the ball will drop.  For example, a right to left putt big breaking putt might fall in at 4:00.  Now put two tees in to divide the hole into a quarter of its size, using the spot on the clock as the middle of the two tees.  Putt 3 balls from 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 feet and make at least one from each distance that goes between the 2 tees.  Make sure you are using both your aim point and your speed control to hit the ball into the ¼ of the cup you are aiming to hit.

Long Putt Challenges:
1.     Box Challenge - Lay 3 clubs in a square around the hole 2 feet from the hole.  Hit 3 balls from 25, 30, 35, and 40 feet.  Get every ball to either go in the hole or come to rest within the box.  Find a breaking putt and work the ball into the box from the high side.  You may angle the high side club away from the hole if you have a big breaker.
2.     200 Feet – Putt from 25-50 feet using 2 balls.  When you make 200 feet of putts, you are finished.  Please use your routine.  When you make one, pace it off and add it up!

I’ve never missed a putt in my mind.”  Jack Nicklaus

Saturday and Sunday – Off

Monday, Feb. 24 -  Team workout at 6:30 AM.  Team meeting at 4:30 PM.  We would also like to do a mid-term individual meeting with everyone this week.  Please make sure you schedule it with us.  It will be a 30 minute meeting and it can take place any day this week.

Tuesday – Feb. 25 – 9 holes of qualifying for Hawaii – You must play the Blue with at least one teammate.  Work on whatever you need for an hour.  We got an individual spot for Hawaii, so there will be six traveling.  JP is exempt based on her top ten finish.  I will take 2 picks, so you are playing for 3 spots. 

Wednesday – Feb. 26 – Spend 3 hours working on your game today.  Please spend 30 minutes each in the following areas:
1.      Putting – Do your favorite drills today for 30 minutes. Don’t hit a putt without 100% focus. 
2.     Chipping and Pitching – Work with 3 balls.  Chip all 3.  Measure the ball that is neither the closest or farthest from the hole.  That ball must be within 5 feet of the hole.  Get 10 within 5 feet of the hole.  Choose some tough shots.  Visualize your shot from beginning to end.  You may change clubs within the 3 balls.  Use your routine.  Work on this for no more than 30 minutes.  Don’t hit a shot without 100% focus.  Chipins count for a point no matter where the middle distance ball lies.
3.     Wedges – Pick 3 distances or 3 clubs and get 10 balls within 5 feet of the pin from each.  Use your routine.  Visualize each shot’s trajectory, landing spot and roll out or spin.  Spend no more than 30 minutes on this.  You may go back to it after practice if you want.
4.     Bunkers – Begin the session with getting 10 balls within 5 feet of each of the 3 holes from good lies.   Vary your target on each shot and use your routine.  After you are successful, get 1 ball within 5 feet from an uphill lie, a downhill lie, ball above your feet, ball below your feet, a fried egg, a semi-buried lie, standing outside the bunker.  That is 7 specialty shots.  Spend no more than 30 minutes on this challenge.
Spend the last hour working on what you need for your game.

Ben Hogan

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