Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Short Game Olympics

Welcome to the 2014 Short Game Olympics!

Opening Ceremonies:  Introducing the Players!

Representing Texas are Alex Celli, Lindsey McCurdy, Jennifer Park & Alex Rossi.  Your coach will be Jeanne due to her almost Texas status.

Representing Everywhere Else or people who wish they were Texans are Kim Beers, Jenny Haglund, Katie Page, & Elena Villamil.  Your coach will be David due to his Michigander status.

Who can earn the most gold medals today?

Event #1 - Short Putts

Each player putts 5 putts from each of the designated tees for a total of 20 putts.  The team recording the most made putts will win the gold.  A perfect score of 80 is the goal.    The competing team will watch as the other putts.  Heckling is encouraged, Noonan!
The coach may rebound balls.  Each player should use only one.

Event #2 - Medium Putts

This is a speed and accuracy event.  You must take turns with your teammates and only one person can putt at once.  Putt from the designated tee.  The first team to hole 5 putts wins the gold.  Routines not necessary but okay if you want them.  Both teams will be putting at once on different holes.

Event #3 - Long Putts

Each player on the team must putt 1 ball from the tee markers set up to each of the three designated holes on the green.  Measure the distance each ends from the hole and record it.  The team with the shortest distance accumulated wins the gold.  You will have 12 numbers to add, so you might want to get help from Elena.

Event #4 - Chipping

Mano a Mano or whatever they say.  Play to 5 points.  Choose the shot and the club.  You get a point if you are closest.  You get two points if you chip in.  You lose two points if you aren’t on the green after your chip.  One side must win 3 matches to win the gold.  If not, we will have a team chip off!

Event #5 - Bunkers

There are four shots set up - Good lie on flat, Uphill lie that’s a little heavy, Downhill lie and ball in bunker but feet out.  One player on each team must choose a shot to hit.  You get two tries.  Your best must be better than the other team’s best.  If the score is 2-2, we will have a bunker shootout to choose the gold medal winner.  Unlike Beach Volleyball, you must still wear golf attire for this event.
Event #6 - Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

First team to pitch the ball into the hole wins the gold!  The coaches will show you the set up.

Event #7 - The Wedge Relay!

There will be four targets placed in the short game area.  Each team member is responsible for hitting their wedged shot into the target.  The ball is passed on to the team member from the target.  This is a speed event, so get after it!  Anyone shanking, duffing, laying the sod over or blading will lose major style points!  The first team to hit the ball into the fourth target will win the gold!

Event #8 - The All Around

Today’s final event will place a premium on each short game skill required to be great!  If there is a tie after the 8 events today, this event will be worth 2 gold medals and therefore break the tie.  Each team member will play three holes using only two clubs. You will be paired with two competitors.  You must hole out your shot, so it would be good advice to use a putter as one of your clubs.  The coaches will have the course set up for you, but you will not know the course prior to choosing the clubs.  The two lowest scores on each hole will be combined to create your score. 

Closing Ceremonies

The winning team will enjoy watching as the losing team does a PonyUp around the short game area and finishes with 3 I Am Not Worthies to the winners. 

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