Friday, August 1, 2014

New Rules for Recruiting!

Here are the new rules for recruiting as written by the NCAA that pertain to women's golf:

2013-26: Initial Date for Recruiting Communication: In sports other than football, track and field/cross country, swimming and diving, men’s ice hockey and men’s basketball, coaches may make phone calls and send any form of private electronic correspondence starting September 1 of the prospect’s junior year in high school. All limits on the frequency of telephone calls for these sports are eliminated. Men’s basketball and men’s ice hockey have earlier start dates for communication and the other three sports retain existing limits.

That means as of now, I can call the 2015 recruits more than once a week.  I am also allowed to text them back when they send me a text.  

As of Sept. 1st, I can write to juniors in any form of electronic communication.  

2013-27: Recruiting Materials and Electronic Correspondence: Printed materials sent to prospects are now limited to general correspondence (with no limit other than size), materials provided by the NCAA, nonathletics materials from the institution, camp and clinic brochures, and questionnaires. Restrictions on attachments to general correspondence are eliminated except that audio and video materials may not be personalized for prospects or include their name, image, or likeness.

This is significant in that we can communicate a bit more freely.  It also takes away a bit of my nervousness about texting.  I get a lot of texts and my first reaction is to answer them, but that has been against the rules in the past.  It was a bit nerve wracking.  Now I can return texts to players who are the appropriate age.  I don't believe I will initiate a lot of texting and I've heard the same from many coaches.  It will be saved for special occasions and when information is needed.  There are many recruits out there and only so much time in the day.  Happy August 1st!



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