Monday, August 25, 2014

Trinity Forest Golf Club

Trinity Forest Land
 I had a chance to get out and see the construction of Trinity Forest Golf Club thanks to Jason Enloe, our Men's Head Coach and Jonas Woods, who is in charge of the project.  It was very exciting and things were much further along than I had imagined.  They are clearing and shaping.  Crenshaw and Coore have been onsite quite a bit and they were really happy with the contours in the land.  It is a beautiful piece of land with rolling hills.  The playability and strategy for each hole has been determined and the design looks fantastic.  We will be teeing it up there in the Spring of 2016.  SMU Golf has a great future!
Green tops mean green sites.

There are a lot of big machines working on clearing and shaping. 

They are adding sandy loam to the top of the land to create the growing conditions they want.

Jim Wright shaping a green. You can get an idea of the green shape and see the bunker in the forefront.

More shaping of a fairway. 

The playability can already be seen in the design.

Adding more sandy loam.

My favorite shot.  You can see downtown Dallas in the background.  It's close
The project is a cooperative project with the City of Dallas, the Byron Nelson AT&T Invitational, The First Tee of Dallas and SMU.  We are happy to be invited to the group!

Check out Coore/Crenshaw's facebook page and give it a like! 


  1. Is it just me or are those greens going to be massive!?

    Eric Crawford

  2. Hey Eric, I actually saw good variety on the size of the greens.


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