Saturday, September 13, 2014

Consistent Practice

This week, we had two structured practices that were very similar.  One of my goals with practice scheduling is to produce mastery of skills.  If a game, challenge or drill is reintroduced, it allows players to measure their improvement and make needed adjustments.  Three areas that we focus on when we have structured practice are putting, short game and wedges.  I'm pretty sure this is consistent throughout college golf.  So, what differentiates who actually makes progress and improves?  Skill building and mastery are two answers to that question.

Here are two 90 minute practice schedules that allow you to build skills and the mastery needed to score:
Day One:

8-8:30   On the a green, play a competitive game.  Here it is:  Putt 15-45 footers.  If the ball goes in, you get 5 points.  If it is high side and past the cup, you get 3 points and another if you make the next putt.  If it is low side and past the cup, you get 1 point and another if you make the putt.  If you are short, you get 0 points, but you can earn one if you make the next putt.  Play to a total or play against a teammate.
8:30-9:00  Hit 3 shots from a variety of situations around a green in the short game area.  Take away the closest and furthest shots and putt the middle one.  You must get 10 up and downs to finish.  If you finish before 9, play a match on up and downs with a teammate.
9:00- 9:30  Put 10 balls down in piles at 5 distances.  20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards or on the fives if you prefer.  You must get 10/10 on the green, 5/10 within 10 feet and 2/10 within 5 feet.  If not, repeat the distance.
Putting: same game as Tuesday, but this time keep your putts between 10-30 feet. 15-20 min. Then please putt 50 5 footers from at least 5 tees around the cup. Let us know how many you made out of 50.

Chipping: play a match against one or more teammates. Drop the ball, pick tough shots,closest to the hole wins. First to 10 wins. 1 pt. for closest, 2 pts. for chipping in.

Wedges and bunkers. Same as Tues. with piles of 10 balls. 3 piles in the bunker going to each flag and 2 piles at the distances of your choice with your wedge.  10 on the green, 5 within 5 feet and 2 within 2 feet from the bunker.

These games are challenging, engaging and give you feedback which will help you improve.  Enjoy!

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