Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Break Practice

SMU Golf Practice Schedule
Spring Break 2015

Four hour practice today!

11-12! Putting! Please accomplish the following goals:
20 minutes on each goal:

1. Tour Average Challenge: Can you match the PGA Tour averages? You get three
tries from each length. Set a goal for your percentages before you start and see how
you do.
Put 5 tees down around the hole at each distance listed. Go around 2 times for a total
of 10 putts. Multiply your makes by 10 for your percentage.
4 feet: Tour Stats (3/6/15) 100% 8 Players tied. 90% (125) John Rollins 80% (198)
Jim Renner
6 Feet: 90% (5) Ben Curtis (Freddie Jacobsen is best at 92.86%) 80% 7 players tied
in (29th) 70% (96) Stewart Cink
8 Feet: 80% (2) Jason Day and Rickie Fowler (Aaron Baddely is best at 83.33) 70% 3
players tied (16th) 60% 5 players tied for (45th) including Hunter Mahan
10 Feet: 75% is tour best by Adam Hadwin 70% (2) Max Homa 60% (12) Zach
Johnson 50% 11 players tied at (34th) including Jonas Blixt and Sang Moon Bae

2. Box Drill: Put a box with chalk or string on the green in a sloped area. Make it 2-3ʼ
wide on all sides. Putt 2 balls from 10 feet, 15 feet and 20 feet until you get both to
stop inside the box. Do this from all four sides to learn to control speed on all breaks
and slopes. If you need a target in the box, put a tee on your low side to make sure
the box represents the high side of the putt. This will help you visualize using the
slope and working the ball into the cup instead of missing low side with the ball
working away from the cup.

3. Philʼs Drill - From Butch Harmon: “Here's a drill I learned from Phil Mickelson to
improve the pace of your putts. Take five balls to the practice green, and stick tees in the ground
25, 35 and 45 feet from a hole. Your goal is to putt five balls in a row from each tee to within
three feet of the hole. (Use your putter -- it's about 36 inches long -- to measure a six-foot circle
around the cup.)
Start at 40 feet, then go to 30, and then 50. Mixing it up like this prevents you from just grooving
a slightly longer stroke as you go. The trick is, you can't move to the next station until you get
five straight within the circle. It's a real gut check: When you've got four in the circle and you're
going for five, trust me, you'll be feeling it.”

12-1! Chipping and Pitching Please accomplish the following goals:
30 minutes on each goal:

1. Three Ball Drill: Chip or pitch all 3 shots. Pick up the best and the worst and putt
the middle one. You must get 10 up and downs with the middle ball.

2. Ten Point Challenge: Play against at least one teammate and play to 10. Closest
chip gets a point. If you donʼt hit and hold the green, you lose a point. Chip ins get 2.
Pick tough shots!

1-2 ! Bunkers and Wedges Please accomplish the following goals:
30 minutes on each goals;

1. Wedge Wizard - Choose 3 distances for each wedge in your bag and hit 9 shots
from each. 1 high, 1 medium and 1 low shot times 3. For example: With your sand
wedge, hit 9 shots from 50 yards, 9 shots from 60 yards and 9 shots from 70 yards.
The breakdown will be 3 low, 3 medium and 3 low. Learn the length of swing needed
for both your distance and your trajectory. This is 27 shots for each wedge in your

2. 30 Bunker Shots -
Hit 4 shots from a good lie, 2 from an upslope, 2 from a
downslope, 2 with the ball above your feet, 2 with the ball below your feet, 2 from a
fried egg lie, 2 with your feet out of the bunker and your ball in, 2 with the feet in the
bunker and the ball out of the bunker and 2 with the ball buried in the upslope. Finish
with 10 shots from a good, flat lie. Follow up with figuring out how to hit any shot that
gave you problems.

2-3! Full swing! Please accomplish the following goals:
20 minutes on each goal:

1. Aim It: Set up a gate like this:

Hit five shots through the gate with each club in your bag. Go through your routine.
You can hit straight shots or work it, whatever you choose. Do you feel lined up to your
target or open or closed? Did you start all of your shots through the gate?

2. Six Shots: Hit these six shots with each club in your bag: Your standard shot, 1
higher than standard, 1 lower than standard, 1 that draws, 1 that cuts and end with
your standard shot. No do overs.

3. Favorite 9: Play your favorite 9 holes on the driving range with a teammate. Call
each shot, go through your routine and have the intention of set one. Describe your
result to your teammate. Play great!

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