Saturday, April 25, 2015


SMU's scores in the 60's  Tournaments
Player Score 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
M. White 65 Johnie Imes
A. Rossi 66 Betsy Rawls
J. Haglund 66 Schooner
J. Haglund 67 Schooner
J. Park 67 Alamo
J. Haglund 67 Clover Cup
M. White 67 Clover Cup
A. Rossi 68 Alamo
J. Park 68 Schooner
K. Page 68 Schooner
J. Haglund 68 CDI
J. Haglund 68 DonnisThompson
J. Haglund 68 UCF
A. Rossi 68 Chip-n-Club
A. Rossi 68 SMB Classic
A. Rossi 69 Alamo
J. Haglund 69 AAC
J. Haglund 69 Schooner
A. Rossi 69 Betsy Rawls
J. Haglund 69 Alamo
J. Park 69 CDI

I love it when players have the opportunity and guts to go low.  Here are our scores in the 60's over the past 3 years.  In doing the research, I included Dave and my coaching years only.  In our first year at SMU, I'm not sure that anyone shot in the 60's, but we did have a lot of players shoot even or under.  Melanie White was and is one of the most positive-thinking players I've had the chance to coach and I think it showed in her scoring.  She did what she could with what she had and on good days, she took it deep!  She leads the charge.  Our top three scorers this year are also good at going low and getting it into the 60's when they have a chance.  Rossi, Haglund and Park are changing the expectations at SMU in their era with 18 rounds in the 60's between the three of them.  Also, each year we've added one more round in the 60's than the year before. When will someone shoot 64 and break Melanie's record?  What will the next era of players bring?  I know what I'd like to see.  Some 60's in competitive rounds at DAC, AAC's and NCAA's!  Let's get the last this year!  

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