Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Practice Suggestions

Here are a few suggested challenges for your practice:
Around the World from 4, 5, 6 feet. 
Annika Drill
- Putt 3 balls from 10-20 feet from a triangle around the hole.  Make 2 of 3 and you are finished.
30 putt drill - Start it at 3 feet and put 10 tees down to 12 feet.  Putt from each tee three times with one ball going back and forth.  How many did you make?  If you made fewer than 18, do it again.
Lag Putts - Lay a club 2 feet behind the hole and putt 2 balls from 25, 35 and 45 feet.  Get both balls either in the hole or past but short of the club and move to the next distance.  Set it on a slope to make it tougher. 

Short Game:
3 Ball Short Game Challenge:  Drop 3 balls and chip or pitch them to a hole.  Pick up the best and worst and putt the middle ball.  Do this 10 times and get at least 7 of 10 up and downs.
20 Ball Bunker Challenge - 3 good lies, 2 uphill, 2 downhill, 2 ball above feet, 2 ball below feet, 2 fried egg, 2 ball out and feet in bunker, 2 feet out and ball in bunker, 3 good lies. Go back and work on any shot you had a hard time with.
Compete with a teammate!  Play worst ball - Hit 2 shots and the closest worst shot wins the point.  Play to 10.  Play a tough lies game.  Play H.O.R.S.E. with your wedges.

Long Game:
Spend 15 minutes on one or two mechanics that help you hit it well.  Next, spend 15 minutes working on alignment and balance.  Then spend 15 minutes working on your routine.  Finish with 15 minutes of hitting shots as you would on the golf course, using visualization and FMF.
Hit 3 shots you would rate as a 9-10 with each club and then put it away.  Do this with all 13 clubs.  Take note of your state when you got the 9-10.  Were you in FMF?  Did you have good visualization?  Was your routine rhythmic?  Were you in balance?  Where was your focus?
Aiming - Put your aiming sticks out in front of you and go through your routine and start the ball between the sticks.  After you do this with ease, hit some draws and fades, but continue to start them between the sticks.  Then hit some big hooks and slices, but continue to start them through the sticks.  Finish with low, straight shots.  Work with whatever clubs you want.  This will help you prepare for any shot you face on the course.

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