Wednesday, September 9, 2015

One Down, Three to Play

SMU Women’s Golf
Team Notes
Marilyn Smith/Sunflower Invitational

Positive Notes:
  • Our first event of the season
  • We won!
  • We recorded the low second round of the tournament with a 284.
  • We recorded or tied the low individual score of every round
    • Katie Page’s 71 in the first round
    • Brigitte Dunne’s 68 (tie) in the second round
    • Lindsey McCurdy’s 66 in the final round
  • We had the following players in the top ten in scoring:
    • Par 3’s 1st -Rossi (-3), 2nd -Page (-1)
    • Par 4’s 1st -McCurdy (-2), t10th - Dunne (+3)
    • Par 5’s 5th - Page (-4)
    • Total Birdies: t1st - McCurdy (13), t3rd - Dunne (12), 8th - Page (11), t9th Rossi (10)
    • Total Pars: t2nd - Tygret (36)
  • SMU lead the field in par 3 scoring at +4 and in the birdie count with 48.
  • Rossi had a MFR in the first round.  MFR = mistake free (no 3 putts, nothing over bogie)
  • Rossi had 100% Bounce Backs in the second round and added a ball to the Ball of Fame for her under par round.
  • McCurdy had a MFR in the second round.
  • McCurdy’s third round included a Hat Trick (3 birdies in a row), 100% Bounce Backs, it was MFR and added two balls to the Ball of Fame (Low personal round + under par round)
  • Dunne had a Hat Trick and 100% Bounce Backs in round two.  She also adds two balls to the Ball of Fame.  One for an under par round and one for a personal best round.
  • Tygret adds a ball to the Ball of Fame for her personal best round.

Stuff to Improve:
  • Our Par 5 Scoring was poor.  We were over par as a team and gave up 10 shots to Middle Tennessee and 8 shots to TCU on par 5’s.  We need to play better strategic golf, improve our wedges and improve our putting from 15’ and in.  We also need to weigh risk and reward better by assessing the size of our targets and hitting into the big areas to avoid penalty shots.  On par 5’s, we counted 9 bogies and 3 doubles.  
  • We lead the tournament in birdies, but gave up a lot of shots when failing to make par.  That means we are taking advantage of our opportunities well when we hit the greens, but not chipping and pitching as well as we should when we miss the greens.  
  • Finally, we want our attitudes to be confident, loose, focused and positive no matter what the circumstances.  Results don’t matter more in the third round.  The shot you hit after a poor shot doesn’t have to be perfect.  Missing a putt means add one, not the end of the world.  The answer to these things is to keep yourselves in check for patience, acceptance, staying positive and staying in the moment.  I had more than a few conversations about what had happened in the past or wondering how we were doing, which made me think you were thinking results in that last round.  Do your best on every shot.  Look to pump up your teammates around the course at every opportunity.  Carry the best attitudes of any team on the golf course.  

Get with David and me for individual feedback and plan to spend time with us on Thursday morning to work on specific things we saw that can be improved.

Hit 10 balls from 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70  yards or you can choose the 5’s.  If you miss the green, add 5 balls.  If you hit it within the flagstick, take 2 balls off your pile.  Pick up after each set of balls.  If you weren’t pleased with a yardage, repeat it and make an adjustment.  Either take more club and smaller swings, lower your trajectory or change your set up.  We need to be great within 100 yards and this is a good drill for sharpening that skill.  You may take up to 40 minutes on wedges today.

Please do Casey’s Drill on 3 holes on the front green.  Go through your routine, visualize the putt in real time so you pay attention to the speed chosen and match it to the situation and slope.  You may spend 20 minutes on this drill.

Please do the Mustang Challenge:  Put 5 tees down around the hole at 10 feet for each tee. Putt from each tee.  When you make a putt, move the tee back one putter length.  When you have moved a tee twice, pick it up when you make the 3rd putt.  Play for no more than 20 minutes.

Play a game of Drawback with a teammate.  Play 9 holes.  If either of you finish over par for that 9, you both must play another 9.  Continue with this challenge  Play for no more than 20 minutes.  

I’ve scheduled 100 minutes, but you will probably gain at least five or 10 minutes somewhere along the line.  If it is over our agreed 90 minutes split, it’s ok, you need it.  :-)

Workouts: 5:30 PM

Qualifying is two rounds this week playing from the very back tees.  I want to put pressure on your management skills, your wedges and your short game. There will be six players for one spot. Lindsey earned an exemption for the fall semester with her win.  Katie earned an exemption for the Match Play Challenge with her finish in the top 10% of the field. Congrats to them!  I will have two picks and will consider the two qualifying rounds as well as the tournament rounds played.  Everyone, whether exempt or not will play at least one of the qualifying rounds.   Here are the tee times:

Friday:  Blue Course 1:32 Jenny, Rossi 1:40 Dole, Celli 2:50 Dunne, McCurdy, Tygret

Sunday:  Gold Course
11:58 Tygret, Dunne  You two have Ponies to Stangs at 5:00 PM, so you need to leave and go directly there when finished.  They are serving you dinner there.  You will be out between 6:30 and 7:00 PM. 2:30 Dole & Rossi 2:40 McCurdy & Jenny 2:48 Page & Celli


“You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

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