Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Practice Schedule #1 Fall 2015

Just in case you'd like to see a typical week at SMU, here you go:

P.S. Week 2, 2015-16
Monday, Aug.31
3-4 PM Weight Training/Conditioning
4-4:30 PM Meeting with our Nutritionist Christine Strudwick about nutrition on competition days, especially 36 hole days.  
Tuesday, Sept. 1 Off
Wednesday, Sept. 2
7:30 AM Weight Training/Conditioning
2:00-5:00 PM Play 9 at Lakewood.  Before or after you play, spend at least 1 hour on long lag putts. Use different tiers.   
Thursday, Sept. 3
7:30-10:30 AM Please do the following today.  Each area has 20 minutes to accomplish the goals, with an extra 10 minutes for picking up and fixing ball marks. 90 minutes of goals and 90 minutes for you to play or practice on your own.
Putting:  Start on the big green up front.  Do these two challenges:
Casey's Drill:  Put 5 tees in around the hole at distances of 8-15 feet.  The game starts when you make one.  You must make 3 of 5.  3 in a row is a hat trick!  Every other is leap frog!  When you make 3 of 5, pick up the tees and move to a new hole.  Work for up to 20 minutes on this drill.  Pay attention to your speed control to help with your reads.  Each putt that doesn't fall should be about 6-12" past the hole to assure consistent reads.
Cha Ching:  Play against at least one teammate.  Pick long lags.  Closest ball gets 3 points.  If you 2 putt, you get 2 additional points.  Any 2 putt gets 2 points.  Play to 30 or over.  Spend 20 minutes on this or long lags.
3 Ball Game - You can play with a teammate or alone.  Drop and chip or pitch 3 balls.  Pick up the best and worst shot and putt out the middle ball.  You must get 10 up and downs.  Choose tough shots.  Choose long shots and use lower lofted clubs such as 9 or 8 irons to run the ball.  Spend 20 minutes on this drill
Wedges: -
Darts - Choose a wedge and go to your full distance with it.  Hit 10 balls.  Now move 10 yards closer and hit 10 more.  Do the same one more time.  Which group of 10 were easiest to control?  Pay attention to landing area, spin and trajectory as you work.  Spend 20 minutes on this drill.
Friday, Sept. 4
2:00-4:30 PM  Play or work on what you need to prepare for our upcoming event.  It is windy in Kansas, so spend some time flighting your shots and hitting pitch shots at lower trajectories.
Saturday, Sept. 5
7:00 AM Travel Day.  We will eat some lunch and then go to practice when we get to Kansas State.  Please make sure you travel in SMU gear appropriate for the golf course.  Remember my rule of no flip flops.


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