Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Competitive Thursdays

Today, we had another competitive day at practice.  Each player hit 5 shots from the following yardages:  100,110,120,130,140,150
Within a flagstick - 10 points
Within 10 feet - 6 points
Within 15 feet - 4 points
Within 20 feet - 2 points
On the green - 1 point
Missed green - negative 2 points
Most points wins!

We had four players at our early practice today and here were their scores:
100 Yards
Rossi - 20 points
Tygret - 19 points
Page - 16 points
Dunne - 11 points
110 Yards
Rossi - 16 points
Page - 16 points
Dunne - 13 points
Tygret - 12 points
120 Yards
Page - 13 points
Tygret - 10 points
Rossi - 6 points
Dunne - 3 points
130 yards
Rossi - 24 points
Page - 22 points
Tygret - 14 points
Dunne - 13 points
140 yards
Page - 20 points
Rossi - 19 points
Dunne - 18 points
Tygret - 6 points
150 yards
Dunne - 17 points
Page - 5 points
Rossi - 2 points
Tygret - -4 points

Page - 92 points
Rossi - 87 points
Dunne - 75 points
Tygret - 57 points

Once again, it was a very good test for the players.  It required focus and measurement.  We learned a lot from the competition.  One of our good ball strikers, Dunne, didn't score particularly well inside 140, so we went back to the short yardages and put an extra club in her hand.  She was immediately better with a smaller, smoother swing.  Instead of using the same swing she used with her driver, she was forced to use a smaller swing that relied more on rotation and less on leg drive.  She was also better at controlling the face of the club with the smaller swing and could hold it off or release it.  

Rossi had a really tough time going at the back left hole locations (120 & 150). They weren't pleasing to her eye and it showed.  We will practice to those more in our short game area and also know that for those locations during tournaments, perhaps we use the middle of the green and accept a longer putt to alleviate the uncomfortable feeling she has when she goes at them.  

The 150 yard hole location was tucked and what we learned as coaches is, that is definitely not a "GO" distance for most of our players.  Dunne and Tygret were hitting 7 irons, but the other two had 6 irons in their hands.  It played a bit uphill and today, all shots were 100% carry.  It is important to know when you need to back off of a club and aim away from tucked positions.  This tested their abilities and it wasn't meant as a management exercise.  We wanted them to go at these targets.  

Overall, we were pleased as coaches to see a good practice that provided us with "real" results that we can use to coach better decision making and better technique.  

Here are our actual stats from Golfstat after two tournaments on green hits and green hits within 15'.
Greens in Regulation  CL     GIR   Rank  Out Of
Lindsey McCurdy       JR    .722     41     403
Haley Tygret          FR    .700     59
Jenny Haglund         SR    .667     78
Brigitte Dunne        FR    .656     99
Katie Page            JR    .644    117
Alexandra Rossi       SR    .611    140
Alexandria Celli      SR    .472    277
SMU                              .642     20      64

GIR within 15 ft.     CL   15 Ft   Rank  Out Of
Lindsey McCurdy       JR    .356     20     286
Brigitte Dunne        FR    .256     76
Katie Page            JR    .244     88
Alexandra Rossi       SR    .233     99
Alexandria Celli      SR    .167    157
Jenny Haglund         SR    .167    157
Haley Tygret          FR    .100    231
SMU                              .256     11      48

It's interesting to see the game's results compared with actual play.  Tygret hits a lot of greens, but isn't getting it close.  Today was much the same.  Moving forward, we will work on both accuracy and distance control of her irons.  If she spends more time practicing in our short game area than on the range, she will start to develop those skills more quickly due to better feedback.  

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